Net::ICal ChangeLog

(See also the file ChangeLog.detailed in this archive; it's an auto-generated
list from our CVS commit messages.)

Version 0.15, 3 August 2001

* an alpha release with bugfixes to fix some egregious packaging bugs from

* Added formal support for reading VTIMEZONE files., which 
really shouldn't have been included in 0.14, is formally added, along 
with and An example, examples/, shows
how to use In a future release, we'll be rolling VTIMEZONE support
together with a set of standard VTIMEZONE files generated by the GNOME
project; see for
those files if you'd like to look at them. That'll give Net::ICal knowledge of
all timezones and the ability to convert times from one zone to another. 

* Converted many of the "write these tests" tests which were failing to
TODO tests, which are supported by the newest version of Test::More. As a
result, many more tests pass now. Plenty of them don't pass; room for
improvement. :)

Version 0.14, 25 July 2001

* second alpha release by Reefknot; a developers' release to coincide with 
a talk at the O'Reilly Perl Conference. Mostly because we haven't done a 
release in a while. Full of known bugs, but we've done a lot since the 
last release.

* Net::ICal now requires Perl 5.6.x. 

* massive rewrites of to be based on Date::ICal.

* added rudimentary code to handle Recurrences. Patches welcome.

* added Net::ICal::Util for general utility routines.

* Began using Pod::Tests to write inline tests; added tests and test skeletons
for the whole module. Started working on the RFC-compliance tests (t/rfc2445.t
and the entire test-data/ directory.)

* bugfixes throughout. 

* minor consistency fixes to standardize code headers and whatnot. 
Moved test/ directory to examples/. 

Version 0.13, March 2001

* first alpha release under the auspices of the Reefknot project.

* MAJOR changes; rewrote Net::ICal in pure Perl instead of as wrappers to