Revision history for Net-IMAP-Client

0.95    Apr 9, 2011

        - fix #48163 error after logout
        - add examine() method (identical to select(); keyword differs)

0.94    Dec 22, 2010

        - fix #56647 rfc822 attachment mishandling
        - fix #43046 Does not strip \r from error messages
        - fix #59462, #43047 creation of non-modifiable array attempted
        - fix #43049 append() method's documentation
        - fix status(): avoid returning data from undef key

        - add namespace() method
        - modify get_summaries() to always return array ref

0.92    Feb 28, 2009

        - Doc updates

0.91    Feb 27, 2009

	Fixed get_summary to correctly identify the attachment filenames
	with GMail's IMAP (GMail sends some headers in uppercase).

0.10    * unreleased *

	get_summaries now supports fetching additional headers.  They are
	available (unparsed) via the $summary->headers method (where
	$summary is a Net::IMAP::Client::MsgSummary object).

	Minor cleanups and speed improvement.

0.9     Jan 25, 2009

        - more fixes for cyrus imap server: get_flags and get_summaries

0.8     Jan 20, 2009

        - updated dependencies (Encode isn't core in Perl 5.6)

        - fixed status() on uw-imap (server can return "NO CLIENT BUG
	  DETECTED ..." when called on the selected mailbox).  Thanks Max
	  Maischein (

0.7     Jan 13, 2009

        - fixed get_flags (thanks Peter Pilsl for the report)

0.6     Nov 09, 2008

        - better reconnect support (check that value of getline is undef
	  and force reconnect if so)

0.5     Oct 31, 2008

        - added new methods: create_folder, delete_folder, copy, get_flags,
	  get_threads, fetch

        - fixed some bugs with append

0.4     Sep 22, 2008

        - added append / expunge

        - added store, add_flags, del_flags, delete_message

        - heavily modified _send_cmd() to support literals

        - try to reconnect when connection is lost


        - subtle bug related to using syswrite / sysread (now using only
	  buffered I/O)

        - return proper notifications from get_part_body and
	  get_parts_bodies (sometimes the \Seen flag becomes set, this must
	  be reported.)

        - return references in get_parts_bodies

        - _parse_tokens now interprets BODY[*] as an atom

        - fixed BODYSTRUCTURE parser in (sometimes the server
	  would include additional extension data which we don't support
	  and must be properly discarded)

0.3     Sep 08, 2008

        Fix for - return
	undef from constructor when connection failed.

0.2     Sep 02, 2008

        There are some disruptive changes, I hope no one took this module
	seriously yet. :-p

        - some support for server notifications.  N/I/C will try to keep up
	  with notifications involving \Deleted or \Seen
	  flags (i.e. updating $imap->{FOLDERS}{$current_folder}) and it
	  also can report an array of notifications after some commands.
	  See the notifications() method.

        - new methods: folders_more(), noop(), get_parts_bodies(),
	  capability(), seq_to_uid()

        - got rid of wantarray for most methods (the exception is

        - status() now returns a hashref instead of an array; needed since
	  the IMAP STATUS command might actually fail for some folders.

        - most methods in Net::IMAP::Client::MsgAddress and
	  Net::IMAP::Client::MsgSummary will now decode the data
          (previously it left it "MIME-Word"-encoded).

        - fixed dependencies in Makefile.PL -- hopefully

0.1     Aug 23, 2008

        First public release.