Revision history for Perl extension Net::Interface.

1.016  Fri Sep 23 11:11:25 PDT 2016
	add PREREQUISITE section to documentation
	add FATAL warning in for missing /usr/include/sys files

1.015  Wed Sep 21 16:56:55 PDT 2016
	update copyright date in documentation

1.014  Tue Sep 21 13:24:30 PDT 2016
	Interface.xs	change MTU mask from 'ffff' to '1ffff'
	to accomodate mtu = 65536	add %unique and cleanslurp() to 'IFFs' processing
		restructured to run internal code into subroutine

1.013  not released
see Makefile.PL
--- Net-Interface-1.012/Makefile.PL Sun Mar 8 13:18:20 2009
+++ Makefile.PL Wed May 12 16:18:04 2010
@@ -78,6 +78,11 @@
unless ($oldstuff =~ m|$addflags{$_}|) {
$oldstuff .= $addflags{$_};
+# fix up issue with memcpy, bug 57413
+ if ($KEY eq 'CCFLAGS') {
+ $oldstuff .= ' ' if $oldstuff && $oldstuff !~ / $/;
+ $oldstuff .= '-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=0';
+ }
$cfgstrg .= qq|$KEY="$oldstuff" |

1.012  Mon Mar  8 10:42:51 PST 2010
	Interface.xs	add test for NULL interface value to skip invalids
	thanks to Brian West <> for the fix

	typo update in

1.011  Mon Mar 23 13:55:58 PDT 2009
	update inst/ v0.09 to use $Config{perlpath}
	instead of the default '/usr/bin/perl' when building 
	This will make 'pkgsrc' happy

1.010  Mon Mar  9 01:43:59 PDT 2009
	in ni_linuxproc.c, #ifdef and #define some IFA_xxx 
	symbols that appear to be missing in some linux/rtnetlink.h 
	headers in some? linux distros 

1.009  Sat Mar  7 13:28:54 PST 2009
	As a work-around for broken Solaris headers in some distributions,
	remove "C" initialization constructors and replace with a Perl call
	during load to register various "flavors" of ifreq and ifaddr routines

	add cppflags, ldflags, lddlflags to environment for pcap check

1.008  Sun Mar  1 15:22:06 PST 2009
	Add check for improperly truncated ifaddrs entry in 
	Interfaces.xs / getheifs

1.007  Sun Mar  1 10:47:44 PST 2009
	Pause seems to think v1.006 is already there???
	increment the serial number

1.006  Sun Mar  1 10:11:01 PST 2009
	update inst/ to only keep and process
	AF/PF family symbols needed for this distribution

1.005  Fri Feb 27 13:17:53 PST 2009
	Remove extradef's in inst/ for 
	AF_NS AF_ATM AF_NUTSS since they are not equivalent
	In Interface.xs, gethifs() initialize ifap to NULL 
	and check its return value for non-null

1.004  Wed Feb 25 15:46:20 PST 2009
	Remove generated "C" files from MANIFEST
	Rename miniSocket so it is not deleted by make clean

	Add configure test to check for MALLOC in stdlib so 
	obsolete malloc.h file is not included

	Correct definition of SA_LEN for systems that don't have it
	Adjust code for changed definition.

1.003  Tue Feb 24 15:16:54 PST 2009
	replace definitions missing in MAC OSX with def's from local 
	distro header file for ni_in6_ifreq.c

1.002  Mon Feb 23 13:16:27 PST 2009
	Updated documentation in

	Add array to note and ignore troublesome unused symbols 
	in inst/ v0.06

	For systems that do not support SIOCGIFINDEX, extract
	interface index from AF_PACKET or AF_LINK record

	Adjust constructor syntax for picky Sunos CC on certain systems

1.001  Sat Feb 21 18:30:07 PST 2009
	BETA 1 release.

	correct symbol typo in ni_lifreq.c

	add inet_aton for systems that don't have it like old Solaris

	fixed bad cast for "flags" in multiple files, changed
	from an 'int' to a 'short'

	add SIOCGENADDR support for Solaris

	removed KAME bits from 6adrs in Interface.xs af_common

	in, change &AF_INET to AF_INET to accomodate 
	broken Perl 5.8.4

	in Interfaces.xs, check for LOOPBACK interface and bypass MAC
	address processing if found

	add file ni_fallbackhwaddr.c with lots of ways to get the MAC
	address when it is not presented in a _DL or _LL record.
	eliminate get_hwaddr in af_inetX.c and ni_linuxproc.c

	corrected addr42txt call that requests array rather than scalar
	return value from ->address(fam,index

	added methods for update of flags, mtu, metric as well as 
	refreshing the particular interface object 

	updated inst/ to accomodate value that exceed what
	fits in an I32

	make char, u_char casting adjustments for picky Solaris 'cc' compiler

	added get_ifreqs and get_ifaddrs for Solaris, activated lifreq
	developer interface.

	Expanded "flags" to an NV (u_int64_t) to accomodate extended flags
	on Solaris.

	Add method to get "index" of the interface

	Consolidate AF_family support into ni_af_common.c and change 
	general SIOCxxxxx use to be ifreq family specific

1.000 Sat Jan 31 14:43:16 PST 2009
	updated documentation with more info about using symbols

	added filter to always use numeric values of symbols
	when doing $if->address($fam,$idx) type operations.

	updated faceinfo.t to use (test) above syntax

	updated version string to support 3 digits post decimal point

0.90  Mon Jan 26 01:16:53 PST 2009
	completed initial API and implementation of most read

      Fri Jan 23 17:32:15 PST 2009
	first working version of the re-written module including 
	ipV6 support in Interface.xs

	development no release

0.14  Mon Jan  5 16:26:27 PST 2009
	development no release
	update config.h with autoconf

0.12 not released
	rework if.t again

0.11  Mon Oct  6 16:23:36 PDT 2008
	incorporate code into the build process to determine 
	underlying OS's memory PAGE_SIZE

	add checkfor SA_LEN

	include various socket address checks from perl's Socket.xs

	updated t/if.t to remove reference to interface 'lo and lo0'
	and dependence on POSIX::EPERM

0.10  Sat Sep 27 10:52:26 PDT 2008
	ifreq patch in 0.09 revised to support additional platforms
        patchs submitted by Jens Rehsack
        Thank you Jens

0.09  Tue Aug 26 16:10:24 PDT 2008
	In MAC os 10.5.4 it was noticed that  
	*struct ifreq* is no longer a fixed width structure 

	Thanks to "Keith Peters" for finding
	this and submitting a patch to fix it up.

0.08  September 11, 2006
	update mac_bin2hex to use specific length in unpack
	instead of H*

0.07  Wed Mar 15 19:08:36 PST 2006
	correct documentation error on interface names

0.06  Mon Mar 13 17:05:33 PST 2006
	- added 'constants' tags
	- fixed array return for hardware address
	- added more documentation to .pm file

0.05  Thu Mar  9 15:10:13 PST 2006	 unreleased
	- fixed typos in EXPORT_OK array
	- added documentation to .pm file

0.04.1 Thu Mar 16 19:45:28 2000
	- hacked in a fix for MAC address

0.01  Sat Nov 29 10:32:23 1997
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18