Changelog for Net-LCDproc

0.104 2015-06-03T23:58:44Z
  [ Bugfixes ]
    - has_socket is called during DEMOLISH so make sure it is actually
      there (Ioan Rogers)
    - Fix a few metadata bugs in eg/ (Ioan Rogers)

  [ Other ]
    - [Closes #3] namespace::sweep is now obsolete, switch to
      namespace::clean. Thanks ETHER. (Ioan Rogers)
    - Switch from semantic to basic versioning scheme

0.1.3 2014-03-06T09:15:36Z
  - Declare minimum required version of Moo (Ioan Rogers)

0.1.2 2014-03-03T13:49:47Z
  - Switched from Moose to Moo + Type::Tiny (Ioan Rogers)
  - Updated minimum perl to v5.10.2 (Ioan Rogers)