Revision history for Net::NBName

*** 0.26 2006-06-25

Updated the Net::NBName::NodeStatus constructor to handle truncated node
status responses without generating warning messages. Thanks to both
Stuart Kendrick and Max Baker for reporting this. I've added Max Baker's
sample response packet to the 'decode.t' tests.

Changed the "" script to check that a mask has been supplied
before attempting to create a Net::Netmask object.

*** 0.25 2004-02-08

Added a timeout parameter to the node_status and name_query methods.
Updated the documentation to describe the new parameter.

Changed the example script "" to accept the - character
in NetBIOS names.

*** 0.24 2003-01-16

Changed the names of the example scripts "" and ""
to "" and "".

*** 0.23 2002-12-22

Changed the decoded Net::NBName::NameQuery flags to be 1 or 0,
rather than just the masked value from the header word.

Because the module is intended for querying NetBIOS hosts, a proper
set of tests would require a known NetBIOS host. Unfortunately, there
is no easy way of adding these to archives yet ;-) so I've added the
'decode.t' tests to check that Net::NBName::NodeStatus and
Net::NBName::NameQuery decode sample responses correctly.

*** 0.22 2002-12-21

Added the ->addresses accessor to Net::NBName::NameQuery and the
->address accessor to Net::NBName::NameQuery::RR.

Fixed bug in Net::NBName::NameQuery::RR incorrectly decoding name query
response resource records by changing unpack "nA4" to unpack "na4".

Included the three example scripts in the documentation for
installation in the scripts directory.

*** 0.21 2002-12-09

Included a simple test so that 'make test' will work with this module.

*** 0.20 2002-12-02

Public release.

James Macfarlane