Revision history for Perl extension Net::NTP.

1.5  September 6, 2015
   - Expose Net::NTP::Packet so it is more practical to delegate i/o to a
     different code (Yann Kerhervé)
   - Major code cleanups
   - Fix decoding of 'precision' field (RT#46000, Charles-Francois Natali)

1.4  January 1, 2015
   - Add calculated 'Offset' and 'Delay' to response
   - Fix ntp originate timestamp to be NTP epoch's
   - Minor tweaks to improve timeouts
   - Lower default timeout to 5 seconds
   - Tiny refactor; make sure Time::HiRes is loaded

1.3  June 4, 2011
   - Use IO::Socket::INET6 if available (Martin v. Löwis, RT#38234)
   - Don't reuse the "client timestamp" on all packets (Gordon M Lack, RT#38207)
   - Remove unused variables
   - Don't use `Carp`
   - Don't require Perl 5.8 (Cosimo Streppone, RT#13206)
   - Run perltidy and move files around a bit in the distribution

1.2  February 25, 2004
   - Last release by James G Willmore