Revision history for Net-OAuth-Simple

1.7 2012-09-27
        Better PUT handling thanks to K. Mitch Goldenberg

1.6 2010-08-17
        Better error messages thanks to Olaf Alders (RT 60437)
        Fix POST handling

1.5 2010-08-04
        Handle PUT and DELETE too thanks to John Goulah
        Handle POST properly thanks to Ben Hengst (RT 59599)
        Documentation fix thanks to Brian Cantoni (RT 57244)
        Add ability to pass in your own LWP::UserAgent object Marc Mims (RT 46468)
        Force latest version of Net::OAuth to fix wide character bug thanks to error report from Chris Hastie (RT 46424)
        Changes to the way error handling is performed thanks to feature request from Chris Hastie (RT 46413)
        Fix doc bug pointed out by Bildin Dmitry/Дима Бильдин (RT 56787)
1.4 2010-03-09
        Better POST handling and xAuth support thanks to Masayoshi Sekimura (RT 55392)

1.3 2010-01-15
        Fix bug with authorized() thanks to Alistair Francis

1.2 2009-08-29
        OAuth 1.0a support thanks to Jayesh Masand and Menno Blom 

1.1 2009-05-07
        General purpose token methods

1.0 2009-03-26
        Patch to fix typos from Masayoshi Sekimura

0.9 2009-03-26
        Patch from Tatsuhiko Miyagawa to allow Google's scope param to work

0.8 2009-03-16
        Remove rogue debug statement

0.7 2009-03-16
        Fix saving of tokens properly
        Allow passing in params to the authorization url

0.6 2009-03-15
        Fix dependencies

0.5 2009-03-15
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.