Revision history for Net-OAuth2-AuthorizationServer

0.23     2019-06-04
        - Fix examples to work with recent version of deps (GH #23, GH #25)

0.22     2019-04-27
        - Add support for JWEs as well as JWTs (GH #24)
        - Fix make sure user_id is returned in AuthorizationCodeGrant defaults

0.20     2019-03-01
        - Fix example (GH #23)

0.19     2018-12-01
        - Avoid returning from the try/catch block as this never works
          (GH #20, GH #21, thanks to Dylan William Hardison)

0.18     2018-05-17
        - Fix a couple of typos and path issues revealed by Debian package
          built linter (GH #18, GH #17, with thanks to Mirko Tietge)

0.17     2018-04-16
        - Handle inconsistencies between various grant types and the return
          data from ->verify_token_and_scope sometimes returning a hash ref
          and sometimes returning a string - now they always return a hash
          ref in the case of a successful authentication (GH #16)

        - Note that this may be a BREAKING CHANGE if you are using password
          grant in your app

        - Thanks to sillitoe for the above find + suggestions on a fix

0.16     2017-09-01
        - Correct return type from verification of refresh token when
          the refresh token is a JWT (GH #12, thanks to pierre-vigier)

0.15     2017-05-12
        - Add support for jwt_claims_cb in call to ->token to allow the
          override or addition of claims to the JWT

0.14     2017-03-03
        - Additions and changes for handling modification of scopes, many
          thanks to Martin Renvoize for patches and assistance with this
        - Add scopes to returned information from from verify_client (GH #5)
          this will allow modification of requested scopes, which can be then
          passed back through other callbacks
        - Add document response_type in verify_client (GH #5)
        - Fix catch missing client_id in _verify_client callback

0.13     2016-10-15
        - Remove undocumented legacy_args flag

0.12     2016-10-15
        - Deprecate undocumented legacy_args flag

0.11     2016-09-16
        - Add more documentation to Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer::Manual

0.10     2016-09-15
        - Add Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer::ClientCredentialsGrant
        - Add more documentation to Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer::Manual

0.09     2016-08-31
        - Fix clients with a client_secret must use Authorization Code
          flow and not Implicit Grant flow
        - Fix pass redirect_uri and response_type to verify_client cb
          so correct validation can be done for above fix

0.08     2016-08-31
        - Add Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer::ImplicitGrant

0.07     2016-05-12
        - Transfer repo from G3S to Humanstate

0.06     2016-04-17
        - Add Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer::PasswordGrant
        - Add Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer::Manual

0.03     2016-04-11
        - First release, broken out of Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2::Server
          for better abstraction and decoupling from the Mojolicious framework.
          Should also allow tidying up of method args and easier additions of
          other OAtuth2 grant types