Revision history for Net-OpenAMD

0.1.1  Fri Jul 16 21:47:39 2010
       Fix tests so they pass, mostly by not overriding the default and 
         just using

0.1.0  Tue Jul 13 22:20:41 2010
       The API is producing useful data so grab that to use for testing.
       That means I can test with what the API provides not just what 
         the docs claim.
       Test with Test::Deep to be able to have passing tests 
           without knowing the actual data.

0.0.3  Mon Jul 12 17:15:51 2010
       better handling of bad JSON from the API (just report, no fixing)
       actually add query strings properly to the request uri
       more cleanup
       fix tests for /location
       generate helper subs

0.0.2  Tue Jun 29 22:35:10 2010
       Tests that pass against as well as a local server.
       No auth yet, but we will see.

0.0.1  Thu Jun 24 14:43:47 2010
       Initial release.

$AFresh1: Changes,v 1.9 2010/07/17 11:48:28 andrew Exp $