The revision history for Net-Pcap

0.18 - 2016-05-15 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #77807: Net::Pcap is no longer limited to one callback function,
    thanks to a patch by James Rouzier.
  - CPAN RT #55163: Typo in eg/pcapdump (Iain Arnell and Jose Pedro Oliveira).
  - CPAN RT #83842: Typo in Net:Pcap (Xavier Guimard).

  - Added pcap_offline_filter() (Martijn Lievaart).

  - use warnings (David Farrell).

  - Moved HISTORY from README to main documentation.
  - Rewrote AUTHORS to acknowledge all contributors.
  - Updated copyright years.

  - Added timeouts to prevent tests from hanging (Patrice Auffret).
  - t/17-lib_version.t: adjust regexp to match Apple builds (David Farrell).
  - t/50-poe-component-pcap.t: small improvments.
  - Added t/50-net-pcap-easy.t to test with Net::Pcap::Easy.
  - Added t/50-anyevent-pcap.t to test with AnyEvent::Pcap.
  - Make t/50-* pass with old versions of Test::More

  - Converted the Changes file to CPAN::Changes::Spec format.
  - Makefile.PL: append CCFLAGS to $Config{ccflags} instead of overriding it.
  - Makefile.PL: now dies when libpcap isn't found.
  - Makefile.PL: declare minimum Perl version (David Farrell).

0.17 - 2012-11-28 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #43308: Net::Pcap no longer enables immediate (unsafe)
    signals delivery.
  - Fix allocated size in pcap_open(), pcap_createsrcstr() and

  - Now made the C-like API available by default. Added the
    pcap_perl_settings() function and UNSAFE_SIGNALS pseudo-bloc.

  - Replaced all occurrences of safemalloc() with Newx().
  - Silenced some warnings.

  - Added a long note about Net::Pcap and signals delivery.
  - Improved README.
  - Mention Net::Pcap::Easy.

  - Fixed t/17-lib_version.t to handle two digits versions.
  - CPAN RT #44448: Fixed t/17-lib_version.t to handle versions from CVS,
    thanks to Craig Davison.
  - Refactored t/01-api.t and added checks for the new API.
  - Replaced the fragile error check in t/03-openlive.t by a simpler and
    more robust one.

0.16 - 2008-01-01 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - A typo prevented the new function names from working.

  - Added new tests: 21-next_ex.t, 22-open.t, 23-srcstr.t,
  - Added support for user prefered device. See README.
  - Improved small bits of the tests here and there.

0.15 - 2007-12-02 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #30745: Fix WinPcap support.
  - CPAN RT #25076: Fix next_ex().

  - Now providing "pcap_"-prefixed aliases for all functions.
    Documentation was changed to use these names instead of the old ones.

  - pcapinfo(1) no longer need IO::Interface.

  - CPAN RT #27369: Several documentation fixes.
  - CPAN RT #31111: Document that pcap_stats() does not work on savefiles.

  - CPAN RT #30903: Fix t/03-openlive.t failure on Linux.

0.15_01 - 2006-09-11 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Improved documentation.

  - Fixed small typo in warning message from t/podcover.t. Thanks to "Ani"
    on FreeNode.

  - Rewrote the functions detection code using DynaLoader.
  - Added example script eg/

0.14 - 2006-09-05 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Bumped the required version of Test::Pod::Coverage up to 1.08.

  - CPAN RT #21219: Now use a default flag.

0.13 - 2006-08-29 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Cleaned the typemap. Thanks to "Ani" on FreeNode for pointing.

  - Fixed small typo in README. Thanks to "Ani" on FreeNode.
  - Fixed small error in open_live() example. Thanks to Cindy Teel and
    Doug Baker.

  - Fixed 05-dump.t, 10-fileno.t. Thanks to "Ani" on FreeNode.

  - Fixed compile option to use -Wall only for gcc. Thanks to Wolf-Dietrich
    Fromm for pointing.
  - Detection code can now handle IBM compiler. Thanks to Wolf-Dietrich
    Fromm for the help.

0.12 - 2006-03-19 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Fixed stub for pcap_list_datalinks().
  - Merged Jean-Louis Morel patch for Win32 and Cygwin.

  - Added wrappers for compile_nopcap(), get_selectable_fd(), next_ex()
  - Merged wrappers from Net::Pcap 0.04.02 for WinPcap functions
    createsrcstr(), parsesrcstr(), getevent(), open(), sendpacket(),
    sendqueue_alloc(), sendqueue_queue(), sendqueue_transmit(), setbuff(),
    setmintocopy(), setmode().
  - Added wrapper for WinPcap function setuserbuffer().

  - Added missing short names for compile(), set_filter(), freecode()

  - Rewrote t/20-constants.t because future versions of ExtUtils::Constant
    will prevent the constant() function from being directly called.
  - Added t/22-open.t, t/23-strsrc.t
  - Updated t/03-openlive.t with diagnostics for FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

  - Fixed Makefile.PL so that pcapinfo is installed.

0.11 - 2005-11-28 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Added the pcapinfo command.

  - Corrected a few typos thanks to Test::Spelling.
  - Small documentation nits.

  - Improved the whole test suite to make it use the best device it can find
    (was needed for Cygwin & Win32).

  - Cygwin installation was simplified and should now Just Work.

0.10 - 2005.11.01 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - lookupnet() wasn't exported by :functions.
  - Fixed findalldevs() emulation.
  - Replaced several newSViv() with newSVuv() to respect the actual unsigned
    nature of several fields.

  - Fixed 03-openlive.t for Darwin/Mac OS X.
  - CPAN RT #15342: lookupnet() fails if the device returned by lookupdev()
    has no IP configured. Thanks to
  - CPAN RT #15343: warnings when running t/14-datalink.t
  - Fixed another corner case in t/02-lookup.t thanks to Rafael Garcia-Suarez.
  - t/ now sets the environment locale to C. Thanks to Karl Y. Pradene.

0.09 - 2005-10-26 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Restored compatibility with older versions of libpcap, namely the
    traditional ones founds on BSD systems.

  - Added Microsoft Visual C++ 7 compatibility, thanks to Max Maischen
    and Jean-Louis Morel.

  - Added new detection routines for looking which functions are actually
    available on the host system.
  - Upgraded to Devel::PPPort 3.06_03

  - Renamed t/ to t/, added function is_available().
  - Changed the way the test utility module is loaded.
  - Updated several test files so they skip the tests that depend on a
    function that may be unavailable.
  - Fixes several corner cases thanks to the benevolent testing of
    Philippe Bruhat, David Morel and Scott Lanning.

0.08 - 2005-10-05 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #6320: loop() conflicts with alarm(). Thanks to Rafaƫl Garcia-Suarez
    for the patch. Also applied to dispatch() and next().
  - setnonblock() and getnonblock() now checks that $err is a reference.
  - Merged Jean-Louis Morel patch: modification of the detection code in
    Makefile.PL for Win32; fixes for compiling with Microsoft compiler;
    simplification of lookupdev().
  - Restored compatibility with Perl 5.6, 5.5 and 5.4
  - Fixed memory leak in lookupdev().
  - Some XS wrappers (compile(), dispatch(), stats()) now resets the error
    string before calling the underlying functions.

  - Now tries to use XSLoader if available, then falls back to DynaLoader.
  - Improved findalldevs(). See documentation.
  - Added wrapper for freecode(), dump_flush(), dump_file().

  - Updated t/05-dump.t, t/12-next.t in order to increase code coverage (94%).
    What remains uncovered is cargo-cult defensive, hence untestable, code.
  - Updated t/01-api.t, t/05-dump.t, t/08-filter.t, t/10-fileno.t,
    t/13-dispatch.t, t/16-setnonblock.t
  - Updated all test scripts in order to suppress warnings.
  - Moved the the check whether pcap can be used in t/ and
    added Win32 specific code, supplied by Jean-Louis Morel.
  - Added t/rt-6320.t for checking the bugfix of CPAN RT #6320.
  - Added t/distchk.t

  - Improved detection code in Makefile.PL.

0.07 - 2005-09-23 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #7455: Memory corruption when using Net::Pcap::Compile()
  - Merged Win32 fix to pcap_lookupdev() from JLM/0.04.02

  - Added wrappers for lib_version(), open_dead(), set_datalink(),
    datalink_name_to_val(), datalink_val_to_name(), datalink_val_to_description()
  - Added support for all DLT_*, MODE_*, PCAP_* and useful BPF_*
    numeric macros using ExtUtils::Constant.
  - Added const qualifiers when appropriate.
  - Added ppport.h

  - Fixed scripts t/10-fileno.t,
  - Added t/17-lib_version.t, t/18-open_dead.t, 19-breakloop.t
  - Updated t/14-datalink.t

  - Updated documentation.

  - Added libpcap detection using have_library() from XML::LibXML::Common

0.06 - 2005-09-15 - Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #7594: added pcap_setnonblock() and pcap_getnonblock(). Thanks
    to Ernesto Domat for the patch.
  - Changed the warning returned by stats() in order to be uniform with
    other similar warnings

  - CPAN RT #7671: documentation typo
  - Updated the documentation.

  - Completely rewrote the tests suite using Test::More and better
    (and portable) methods to skip tests when appropriate.
  - Added t/podcover.t, t/pod.t, t/portfs.t
  - Added t/15-is_swapped.t, t/16-setnonblock.t

  - Updated Makefile.PL

0.04.02 - 2003-09-03 - Jean-Louis Morel (JLMOREL) [based on 0.04, not released on CPAN]

  - includes fixes for WinPcap
  - added wrappers for several new libpcap functions
  - added several WinPcap specific functions

0.05 - 2003-06-16 - Marco Carnut (KCARNUT)

  - includes fixes for Cygwin and WinPcap (see
    and install the SDK)
  - added wrapper for findalldevs()
  - lookupdev() returns the first item from findalldevs()
  - tests now pass under Cygwin by disabling the root user check

0.04 - 2000-05-17 - Tim Potter (TIMPOTTER)

  - now compiles and works with Perl 5.6.0

0.03 - 1999.03.24 - Tim Potter (TIMPOTTER)

  - complete rewrite using XS
  - all pcap library functions fully implemented
  - packet header and statistical information passed as Perl hashes
  - added Pod documentation

0.02 - 1998.12.06 - Bo Adler (BOADLER) [NOT RELEASED ON CPAN]

  - update to make it work with libpcap 0.4
  - fixed problem in stats() method call
  - changed the arguments of the loop()/dispatch() callback to include
    the pcap_hdr struct

0.01 - 1997.08.27 - Peter Lister (PLISTER)

  - initial implementation using SWIG