Revision history for perl distribution Net-SAJAX

0.107 2011-10-23
 - Change from Test::Exception to Test::Fatal.
 - Use Class::Load for loading exception classes dynamically.

0.106 2010-06-06
 - The regular expression test no longer fails on Perl 5.11.0+
   (hopefully it will work this time).

0.105 2010-04-16
 - The regular expression test no longer fails on Perl 5.11.0+.

0.104 2010-01-25
 - Support for JavaScript Boolean object conversion.
 - Support for JavaScript Date object conversion.
 - Support for JavaScript String object conversion.

 - Corrected typo in Makefile.PL that caused most of the dependencies to
   not be listed.

0.103 2010-01-24
 - The Exception::JavaScriptConversion class was missing and so when
   conversion to native Perl object failed, no usefull exception was

 - More tests added for better code coverage.
 - Bundled Module::Install updated to version 0.92.

0.102 2009-08-21
 - Exceptions are no longer strings, but objects. The objects will
   stringify to their former string representation.

 - Net::SAJAX has a new attribute "autoclean_garbage" that when set will
   attempt to clean garbage from a SAJAX response due to bad server

0.101 2009-08-15
 - Added forgotten dependency on Test::MockObject for the build process.

0.100 2009-08-15
 - The method call now returns a Perl scalar instead of a JE object as
   promised, and so should not break any code.

 - Added repository and homepage links to META.

0.001 2009-08-14
 - First release.