Revision history for Net-SMTP-TLS

0.10    Dec 28th, 2005
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
	Lots of stuff that could be done for future versions, such as better
	tests, and better documentation.

0.11	Jan 5th, 2006
	POD tests are a nuisance, removed. Also, per Michal Ludwig's
	suggestion, TLS is not forced, but is now turned on/off by a flag.

0.12	Jan 17th, 2006
	Tomek Zielinski kindly submitted patches to improve RFC compliance
	as well as adhere more closely to Net::SMTP's interface. Having spoken
	to the author of Net::SMTP, I'm planning to go back to the plan of
	inheriting from there once some changes have been made to Net::CMD.