Revision history for Perl extension Net::SSH::Expect.

1.09 2008/04/22
	- fixed bug 35236, it's a documentation bug. There was no code change.

1.08 2008/04/19
	- fixed bug 35141 updating the login() method enabling it to receive the "Login:" and "Password:" prompt
	patterns as parameters giving the user the ability to customize what prompts should be expected.
	this change is backward compatible.
	- updated documentation of method run_ssh() explaining how to use it to enable a public-key authenticated
	ssh connection.

1.07 2008/04/19
	- fixed bug 30054 by removing the handler for the CHLD signal. I'm not sure if that handler was needed in fact. 
	If you see any ssh process remaining as zombie after you run my module let me know.

1.06 2008/04/18
	- added the 'binary' setting that lets the user set the path to the ssh executable.
	 The code used to implement this feature was sent by Garret Ellis, thanks Garret.

1.05 2007/08/23
	- Documentation improvement.

1.04 2007/08/07
	- Documentation improvement.
	- Implementation improvements
		- waitfor() now verifies that 'after' 'match' will have complient values after an unsuccessful 
		expect() match.
	- API changes
		- after() and match() will return undef after an unsuccessfull waitfor() call.
	- Renaming
		- the no_ptty constructor parameter was renamed to no_terminal to avoid confusion with the
		raw_pty paramenter (one uses pty and the other ptty for the same term: pseudo-tty).

1.03 2007/08/06
	- Bug fix:
		- peek() now always calls expect($timeout). It won't make any test that could avoid
		calling expect.
	- API changes:
		- the has_line() method was removed since it is unecessary. Also it was implemented incorrectly
		since it removed the line from the input stream, while it was supposed to say if there is a line
		without removing anything.
		- read_line() now returns undef when there are no more lines on input stream. An empty string
		is now a valid return string, this happens when a line contains only a 'terminator' character ("\n").
		- added the constructor option 'restart_timeout_upon_receive' and get/setter method 
		restart_timeout_upon_receive() to set the restart_timeout_upon_receive() method of the internal
		Expect object.

1.02 2007/08/03 
	- API changes:
		- waitfor() does not returns in list context anymore, it only returns boolean.
		- created methods before(), match() and after() to get the info about the match
		operation done by waitfor().
		- waitfor() accepts the optional paramenters '-re' and '-ex' to say if string
		must be matched as a pattern or literal string.
		- created a run_ssh() method to configure Expect and run the ssh command.
	- Bug fix:
		- peek() now will run a new expect() if it detects that there is data on
		$exp->after(). This wasn't done before. Without it peek() could print data that
		is not in the expect accumulator anymore.
	- Implementation improvements:
		- created a _secExpect() method, stands for "secure expect". It replaces expect().
		It croaks according to the errors it finds when it is reading from the input stream.
		All the methods that used to run expect() directly now run _secExpect().
		- the code of run_ssh() was removed from inside the login() method. Now it's possible to 
		use this module without a password-based authentication.
	- Documentation improvement.

1.01 2007/08/03
	- Documentation improvement.

1.00 2007/08/02
	- Implementing a total new API. Many old methods dissapeared and new methods appeared.
	Some methods were kept but were rewritten.
	This was to make the module more flexible and open to a broader range of usages as people
	on the internet required.

0.08 2007/07/09
	- fixed the RemotePromptUnavailable in the connect() method using a fix in the prompt pattern
	The fix was found sent by, thanks.
	- added the "collect exit code" feature.
	- added the last_exit_code() and the collect_exit_code() methods.
	- added the collect_exit_code and collected_exit_code attributes.

0.07 2007/07/06
	- fixed the bug to set the remote prompt in the connect() method by putting the pattern
	[\s\S]+ in the expect that swallows the remote prompt
		while ($ssh->expect($timeout, '-re', qr/[\s\S]+/s)){
				# First we swallow any output the SSH server put on the tty after the logon. This is
				# usually the original remote prompt that we want to substitute.

	- added the new constructor options that configure the Expect object:
	exp_internal debug

	- removed the 'verbose' attribute replacing it by two more specific attributes
	verbose_ssh and log_stdout

0.01  Tue Jun 26 15:27:49 2007
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-XA -n Net::SSH::Expect