0.34      2018-08-17 11:26:47 America/New_York
  * Handle sample rate correctly for all operations (previously it
    was ignored for timers, gauges, and sets).

0.33      2018-03-29 05:45:58 America/New_York
  * Reduce test failures. No functional change.

0.32      2017-10-02 18:47:40 America/New_York
  * Calling 'finish' on a Net::Statsd::Client::Timer now returns the
    number of milliseconds that the timer measured, in case you want
    to do something with the information other than send it to statsd.
    Thanks to Brad Lhotsky (reyjrar) for the contribution.

0.31      2013-09-20 11:16:13 America/New_York
  * BUG FIX: 0.30 would send sampled timers using an incorrect format.

0.30      2013-09-19 20:38:23 EST5EDT
  * Add 'gauge' and 'set_add' methods to support statsd gauges and sets.

0.22      2013-07-06 14:41:13 EST5EDT
  * Depend on Etsy::StatsD 1.001. This fixes a bug which would sometimes
    cause corrupted partial metrics to be sent (thanks Ricardo Signes and
    Steve Sanbeg).
  * Fix tests to pass with Etsy::StatsD 1.001.

0.21      2013-06-13 17:48:49 America/New_York
  * Allow setting a callback that will be used to emit a warning when a
    timer is destroyed unexpectedly. Idea courtesy of rjbs.

0.20      2013-06-12 17:15:47 America/New_York
  * Use Moo. This makes the code a little more manageable and has a
    negligible impact on speed.
  * Don't run failure-prone "live" tests on install or CPANtesters, add a
    set of non-live tests.
  * Add the ability to re-target the metric of a timer between starting and
    finishing it.

0.11      2013-06-03 15:28:30 America/New_York
  * Make timers report their times in ms like they should

0.10      2013-05-19 21:33:44 EST5EDT
  * First public release.

  * Internal Shutterstock release
  * Extracted from Shutterstock::Statsd