0.05 2016-03-13
  - Handle an incompatible API change of Crypt::ECB.
    This module now works with pre- and post- 2.00 versions of Crypt::ECB.

0.04 2015-06-29
  - The "Old Perl versions & Strange systems Update"
  - Replaced the operator "//" with something friendlier to old Perls.
  - Probably fixed, once and for all, the damned "packet_sending.t" test.
    There was a deadlock. Which apparently didn't show on some systems.
  - Travis-CI integration.
  - Small fixups to the code comments.

0.03 2015-03-09
  - Remove POSIX as a dependency, as it is no longer required.
  - Update the email address in the documentation.
  - Move $VERSION to a standalone variable. This fixes the module for older
    versions of Perl.
  - Support older versions of Net::Telnet.
  - Add a delay in the packet sending test, hoping to fix an unknown issue
    on some platforms.

0.02 2015-03-08
  - New option: packet_delay, which specifies the amount of time to wait after
    sending the packet. Defaults to 0.30 seconds, and can be 0.
  - Critical fix in Net::Telnet::Netgear: a missing parameter could have caused
    an infinite loop.
  - Every test is now working correctly, on every OS.
  - More tests.
  - gen_doc.pl was installed with the module. This is now fixed.
  - Makefile.PL is no longer using tabs :-)

0.01 2015-03-06
  - First release.