Revision history for Net-WebSocket-Server

0.4.0   2021-03-14
        Support for max_recv_size. Support for doing TLS handshake during server
        loop by handling IO::Socket::SSL objects with SSL_startHandshake => 0,
        preventing blocking during TLS accept(). shutdown() now exits main loop
        without waiting for remaining clients. ip() and port() now return useful
        values after socket disconnects. Listening TCP socket more thoroughly
        cleaned up during shutdown().

0.3.4   2016-01-27
        Ignore mid-handshake connections for pings and ->connections() list;
        provide $conn->is_ready() interface to accomodate this.

0.3.3   2015-08-08
        Minor adjustments to test to fix Cygwin timeout issue.

0.3.2   2015-06-05
        Bugfixes for SIGPIPE and socket reuse.

0.3.1   2014-09-16
        Minor adjustments to tests to fix Win32 timeout issue.

0.3.0   2014-09-07
        Added tick and shutdown events to Server.  Added support for watching
        extra filehandles for readability / writability.

0.2.2   2013-10-26
        Added control over max_payload_size via
        connection->new(max_send_size => ...).

0.2.1   2013-09-06
        Switched from getnameinfo() to sock->peerhost() to support older

0.2.0   2013-09-03
        Bugfixes to better support SSL and IPv6; added SSL examples to

0.1.3   2013-06-06
        Minor adjustments to tests to fix BSD timeout issue.

0.1.2   2013-06-04
        Minor bugfixes; adjustment in tests to help track down BSD timeout

0.1.1   2013-06-04
        Minor adjustments to documentation and tests.

0.1.0   2013-05-20
        Initial version of Net::WebSocket::Server, built to be a
        straightforward WebSocket server for Perl without all the extra
        baggage of larger frameworks or event engines.