0.08   2016-07-05
    Fixed bug
0.07    2012-01-20
    Fixed spell bug ( Jotam Jr. Trejo )
    Fixed warnings in tests
0.06    2011-11-26
    Fixed bug in tests
0.05    2010-02-26
    Added aliases
0.04    2010-02-10
    Fixed some bugs
0.03    2010-01-24
    Added support formatting fields after parsing
    Added flag witch provide getting all values of field in all whois answers
0.02    2009-07-30
    Fixed default parser to get more data fields
    Added some field names to convert to standard names
    Fixed fetch whois data to return undef if error
    Now parser convert fieldnames to underscore style

0.01    2009-07-15

    Initial revision