1.05 2014-12-22
  - Update CHANGES file

1.04 2014-12-22
  - Increase XML::Stream dependency to 1.24

1.03 2014-12-22
  - Roll-up of all 1.02_* changes
  - Update bug tracker location
  - RT#94649 use Digest::SHA (from Debian package maintainers)
  - RT#94650 spelling corrections (from Debian package maintainers)

1.02_05 2014-12-17
  - Correct incorrectly tagged 1.02_04 (errantly tagged as 1.23_04)
  - Remove extraneous tag 1.02_1 (1.02_01 points to the same content)

1.02_04 2011-07-19
  - Remove outdated Test::More/Test::Builder (szabgab)
  - Address more memory leaks in Net::XMPP::Connection, Net::XMPP::Protocol and Net::XMPP::Roster (szabgab)
  - Fix crash connecting to Google Talk (szabgab)
  - Add Google Talk-specific test (szabgab)
  - Add memory leak tests (szabgab)
  - Correct behavior of Net::XMPP::Debug when level >= 0 (szabgab)
  - Correct documentation with regard to debug settings (szabgab)
  - Correct required version of Perl (szabgab)
  - Removed specific XML::Stream version require (szabgab)

1.02_03 2011-06-23
  - RT#61611 Correct comparison operator
  - Fixed memory leak in Net::XMPP::Connection (szabgab)
  - RT#52549 unindented POD so that it reformats properly (szabgab)
  - Replace indirect object notation with direct invocation notation (szabgab)

1.02_02 2010-09-24
  - Increase XML::Stream dependency to 1.23_04

1.02_01 2010-09-22
  - New maintainer: DAPATRICK
  - RT#15736 Replace print statements to debug logging 
  - RT#51156 Correct typo in documentation
  - RT#54521 Note dependency on XML::Stream 1.23
  - RT#37129, RT#18539 Support for virtual domains 
  - RT#57887 Use each required module explicitly
  - RT#61453 Pass ssl_verify and ssl_ca_path
  - RT#61453 Improve undef/null ssl param handling 
  - RT#61144 Appropriately handle non-object jid 
  - RT#37030 Clarify license as LGPL 2.1 
  - RT#58333 Check definedness of hash key before use 

1.0.2 $Id: CHANGES 28 2007-03-29 12:39:48Z hacker $
  - Fix bug in Stanza::_xpath_defined causing defined to pass when it shouldn't
    which broke GetTimeStamp
  - Added test get_time_stamps.test, disabled due to XML::Stream bug
    on Windows.
  - Copied *X subs from Net::Jabber::Message to Net::XMPP::Message
  - added debugging in some Protocol subs that didn't have it, but not all
  - disabled CODE checking in Protocol-Callback subs to be POE compatable
    Should be put into registration, not on callback, but didn't do that yet
  - changed mytestlib.pl to output more concise test names

  - Fixed bug in Execute() where it would not reconnect correctly.
    Thanks to bianchi.
  - Fixed bad xpath in iq:register.  Thanks to Julian Yon.
  - Fixed minor bug in tests thanks to Alexey Tourbin.
    to dsanot.
  - Fixed bug in default callbacks.  The inheritance model I was using
    was completely screwed up.

  - Should be stable enough for a 1.0 release.
  - More merges from Net::Jabber to make this stable.

  - Initial port from Net::Jabber.  This will ultimatly end up being
    an inheritable base for doing XMPP connections.  Net::Jabber will
    be re-written to use Net::XMPP for base connections and simply
    provide the Jabber extensions that the Jabber Software Foundation
    is managing.