Revision history for Perl extension Net::YahooMessenger.
0.19  Sun Jun 27 11:20:45 EEST 2010
    - added patch for proxy awareness, "Bug #51628 for Net-YahooMessenger: HTTPS proxy awareness"
      (provided by alexw)
    - added patch for uri_escape $seed, "Bug #57615 for Net-YahooMessenger: _https_login needs to uri_escape the seed when"
      (provided by Nick Purvis, Stefan Gipper)

0.17  Sat Sep 19 11:36:47 EEST 2009
    - Fixed the module for the new version of the protocol
      (Emil Dragu <>) 

0.16  Sat Nov 13 23:29:29 JST 2004
	- fixed bug of "Can't call method "status" on an undefined value"
	  (Thanks to Hiroyuki Oyama)

0.15  Wed Jan 14 02:58:27 JST 2004
	- Maintainers are now wanted.

0.14  Tue Oct 21 06:14:33 JST 2003
	- Tatsuhiko Miyagawa now takes over the module from Hiroyuki Oyama.

0.13  Wed Jun 26 19:15:03 JST 2002
        - Fix undefined value used warning.
          'Argument "" isn\'t numeric in pack'
          'Use of uninitialized value in length'
          (Thanks to mayuresh kadu <>)
        - Fix The problem which cannot acquire 'buddy list' is repaired.
        - Add better test scripts.
0.12  Wed Jun 19 20:10:22 2002
        - Refine Compatibility with protocol version 9.
          Add YMSG9 Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism
          Modify Login sequence.

          It fixed so that it could communicate by the Japan and U.S. server.
          (Thanks to Rajesh Kannan <>
           and mayuresh kadu <>)
        - Independent from Crypt::PasswdMD5 module.
        - Modify sample script.
          (Thanks to mayuresh kadu <>)
0.09  Mon Jan  7 12:38:20 2002
        - Add NewFriendAlert event
          Add NullEvent event
          Add HTTP transaction sequence. get all buddy list and Socket
                server list.
          Add friend's state maintenance function was mounted.
          Add Net::YahooMessenger::ping() method and ServerIsAlive event
          Add bin/ymsgj. Connect to Yahoo!Japan server.
        - Modify Net::YahooMessenger::EventFactory::create()
          Modify The method of specifying a connection place server was decided.
          Modify Net::YahooMessenger::_create_message(),
                Generation and analysis of a header were substituted for
                the simple thing of a pack()/unpack() function base.
                In order to transmit OFFLINE MESSAGE, addition information was
                given to the header.
        - Rename ->
          Remove bin/uptime_agent, bin/banner_stat.
0.08  Wed Dec 26 21:06:48 2001
        - Bugfix Net::YahooMessenger::login() The problem to freeze is
          corrected when login goes wrong.
0.07  Fri Dec 21 18:52:47 2001
        - Modify Event handling architecture.
                Although it was the complicated thing which used the Visitor
                pattern, it changed into the simple thing which uses an
                EventHandler object.
0.06  Mon Dec 17 14:23:25 2001
        - Modify Net::YahooMessenger::_get_request() and
          Net::YahooMessenger::EventFactory::_get_message_body(), The
          method of acquiring the length of a message was changed.
0.05  Tue Dec  4 20:20:34 2001
        - Add Net::YahooMessenger::Logon event
          Add bin/banner_stat. a state is rewritten so that a banner may cross.
        - Modify Socket operation methods
0.04  Thu Nov 29 22:52:24 2001
        - Modify and
        - Add bin/uptime_agent. talk to 'uptime_agent', it will answer by the
          result of Unix 'uptime'.
0.03  Sat Nov 24 11:30:31 2001
        - Replace ymsg script. Thanks Takefumi KIMURA<>
        - Modify Event model of Visitor pattern(GoF)
          Add POD manual page
0.02  Sat Nov 24 02:37:35 2001
        - Add GoesOnline event
          Add GoesOffline event
          Add UnImplementEvent event
          Modify YMSG message parser
0.01  Sat Nov 24 02:37:35 2001
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
                -X -n Net::YahooMessenger