0.14 -> 0.15

    * Made sure all uses of next_sibling (from XML::Twig) were qualified
      with a condition to avoid breaking on some iTMS XML with later versions
      of XML::Twig

0.13 -> 0.14

    * Bugfixes in advanced search and artist parsing and general
    * Note about broken simple search (Net::iTMS::Search) and other
      documentation updates

    * Changed previewUrl to previewURL (RT #12008)
    * Added artist biographies and influences

0.12 -> 0.13

    * Minor bugfix in advanced searching (robustness)

0.11 -> 0.12
    * Added advanced searching
    * Artist, album, song, and genre objects will now stringify to the name
      of the artist, album, song, or genre instead of the Package=HASH(0x8172b34)

0.10 -> 0.11

    * Copyright regex fixes in Album.pm and Search.pm

    * Minor bug fixes in album parsing when the album is an audiobook

0.04 -> 0.10

    * HUGE rearrangement/rewrite of code.  Refactored by creating Request,
      Album, Artist, Genre, and Song objects.  Data is fetched efficiently
      and transparently.  Still missing some parts -- see the TODO section
      in Net::iTMS's POD -- but these will be easy to implement.
    * See all the doc for more usage info.  It's dead easy.
        perldoc Net::iTMS
        perldoc Net::iTMS::Artist
        perldoc Net::iTMS::Album
        perldoc ...

0.03a -> 0.04
    * Bug fixes in Net::iTMS::XML -- still are probably a bunch of edge
    * Changed method names in Net::iTMS -- NOT backwards compatible.

0.01 -> 0.03a
    Undocumented except in Subversion.  If it really matters, email me,
    or just use diff yourself.