$Id: Changes,v 1.10 2008/01/06 19:53:29 comdog Exp $
Revision history for Perl extension Netscape::Bookmarks.

1.95 - Sun Jan  6 13:52:04 2008
	* Netscape::Bookmarks was calling Netscape::Bookmarks::Category::new
	incorrectly by not passing a hash reference. This causes the 
	example in the docs to fail. I've fixed that.
	* You should upgrade to get this fix.

1.94 - Wed Jan 10 19:26:43 2007
	* Updated license and copyright information
	* No code changes, no need to upgrade

1.92 - Mon Dec 11 03:40:55 2006
	* Fixed some reference passing problems (Thanks to Ben Markines)
	* Added LICENSE info

1.91 - Sun Feb 12 17:59:48 2006
	* Ben Markines identified a bug in as_string that kept it recursing
	into the data structure. I wasn't derefercing a return value and
	on the next go around, as_string() silently failed because it didn't
	recognize the ref type. I've fixed that and added another branch to
	warn about unknown object types.

1.09 - Mon Dec 26 09:40:17 2005
	* This distro fixes the ._Makefile.PL problem that 1.7 had. It seems 
	Mac OS X tar is a bit stupid about such things, so I switched to 
	fink's gnutar.

	* Squashed a lot of warnings (thanks to Chris Dolan)

	* Bookmarks.pm now sets a default title of "Bookmarks" for an empty
	object (thanks to Chris Dolan)

1.8 - Sun Dec 18 18:20:33 2005
	* removed files starting in ._ (Mac artifacts). I can't seem to
	get MANIFEST.SKIP to get rid of these files. I think TextWrangler
	is doing something odd.

	* cleaned up Category.pm and Link.pm to quash some warnings

1.7 - Mon Nov 21 20:09:03 2005
	* Netscape::Bookmarks::Category::add() had a de-ref error.
	* I updated the docs to be more clear
	* Everyone should upgrade

1.6 - Wed Sep 15 21:08:13 2004
* Distro cleanups
* Fixed POD boo boos
* Updated contact info in docs

1.5 Mon Dec 10 02:15:01 EST 2001
	- fixed numerous documentation errors
	- added a description() assessor method for Category.

1.3 Sun May 13 17:23:25 EST 2001
	- changed the Makefile to recurse into the other
	directories.  the supporting modules were not
	installing correctly in 1.2.  identified by
	Heinz Kirchmann <kirchman@dfki.uni-kl.de>

	- updated the POD in each module
1.2	Thu Apr  5 01:02:00 EST 2001
	- fixed disappearing link comment bug identified
	by Daniel Hottinger <TheHotti@gmx.com>.

0.92  Wed Jan 24 14:47:25 EST 2001
	- minor doc fixes

0.91  Fri Dec 24 23:58:01 1999
	- ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA! interfaces may still change!
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18
	- this is the initial release.  the docs need a bit of
	work and there are a few features to add, but this does
	the stuff that i needed to do at the moment.
	- the next thing to do is come up with an internal
	representation that is portable - perhaps XML.  If all
	bookmark formats can be reduced to the same XML, then
	translation should be a cinch :)
	- there is also a URI::Bookmarks module, but it doesn't
	do aliases and separators.