Revision history for NetworkInfo-Discovery-Rendezvous

0.06	2006.01.07
        [BUGFIX] Net::Rendezvous API wasn't correctly used. 
        [API] Added the get_services() method.

0.05    2005.04.03
        [TESTS] Updated t/20rendezvous.t
        [TESTS] Corrected t/01api.t

0.04    2004.12.30
        [CODE] Updated to follow Net::Rendezvous 0.90 API. 
        [TESTS] Added t/00prereq.t

0.03    2004.11.16
        [DOC] Wrote the README.
        [TESTS] Added tests to t/00load.t

0.02    2004.10.18
        [DOC] Updated documentation with a link to Net::Rendezvous RT ticket. 
        [TESTS] Improved t/20rendezvous.t so that it skips when not connected to the Internet. 
        Added eg/
        Added licenses texts. 

0.01    2004.09.29
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.