Revision history for Perl extension Number::Range::Regexp

0.32 Feb 21 14:29:26 EDT 2014 r3804
   - doc fix: to_string was misspelled. Thanks to George Wood of Qualcomm
     for the report.
   - support for non-10 bases between 2 and 16, so you can say eg:
       rangespec('8c..c8', {base => 16})->regex
     and get something like:
       / 8[c-f] | [9-b][\da-f] | c[0-8] /
   - lots of internal reorganization, dead code trimming, simplification,
     golfing, futureproofing, and nice-ification of code
   - fix behavior of iterators on empty ranges
   - eliminate, add is_empty()
   - introduce to overwrite any old pms
     that are no longer used
   - fix bug in _collapse_ranges when collapsing twice in a row
   - $opts->{allow_wildcard} no longer not necessary with rangespec()
     or range() called with explicit arguments ('-inf', '+inf').
     allow_wildcard is only necessary when called as range( undef, undef )
     ( which looks like range() )

0.31 Oct 21 14:34:26 EDT 2012 r3171
   - various fixes and tests for negative numbers
   - init_opts defaults to default_opts, not empty hashref
   - save opts given at new() time in $self
   - add tests for invert(empty) == universal and invert(universal) == empty
   - fix bug in invert() on ranges not bounded with a max
   - multi_union() now returns an empty_range when given no arguments
   - fix some hard to track down edge cases in sectionify() that were
     triggered e.g. when doing set ops on ranges that touched but did
     not overlap
   - handle buggy rangespecs appropriately (eg "-3 -2..-1")
   - start using to fix bugs with non-libc glibc (win32 and solaris
     at least):

0.30 Oct 17 11:41:24 EDT 2012 r3143
   - support for rangespec() with arguments of '-inf', '+inf'
   - implement & document is_infinite()
   - improve scope mangling in Util::most()
   - proper operations of all utility functions with infinite values
   - fix bug in xor affecting simple ranges
   - implement NRR::Util::inf to support arithmetic on potentially
     infinite values (perl's implementation is dodgy on 5.[68].X
     and with certain libc implementations)
   - restructure to eliminate a separate, saving
     ~150 lines of code
   - POD improvements

0.20 Oct  3 17:34:01 EDT 2012 r3074
   - fairly complete implementation - just missing intersect/subtract/xor
     on compound, infinite ranges.
   - support for negative integers
   - proper support for infinite ranges in all codepaths
   - new set operation: not()/invert()
   - allow whitespace in rangespecs: "3..5,7..9" == "3..5, 7..9"
   - fix regex_range() with options before call to init()
   - document NRR::Iterator, add $iterator->seek( number )
   - various under the hood improvements wrt maintenance

0.13  Sep 22 22:21:07 EDT 2012 r2970
   - graceful but ugly degradation: string context will give regex()
     output when overload can't distinguish between regex and string
     context (overload < v1.10, or equivalently, perl < v5.12)
   - more readable, less verbose CompoundRange regex commenting
       (since we include the CompoundRange::to_string() output,
       don't need it from each SimpleRange therein)
   - overhaul POD, documenting all functionality
   - support perl 5.6.x
   - now required since it's been available with perl
     since 5.5.x or earlier)
   - regex_range() deprecated
   - add META.yml, README
   - less verbose regex commenting for CompoundRanges

0.12  Sep 21 00:36:38 EDT 2012 r2945
   -  overload ranges such that ->regex() and ->to_string() are implied
      depending on context (in a regex or string respectively), update
      POD and tests accordingly

0.11  Sep 20 23:37:45 EDT 2012 r2940
   -  regex_range( ... ) deprecated in favor of range( ... )->regex
   -  range & rangespec exported by default
   -  implement contains() to check for range membership w/o regexification
   -  document iterators
   -  common, fast implementation of all set ops (except union)
   -  implement to_string() to describe ranges
   -  EmptyRange->to_string() is now an empty string for consistency
   -  seemlessly promote SimpleRanges to CompoundRanges when necessary
   -  EmptyRange->regex() is now a regex that does not match anything
   -  unify option mangling code

0.09  Sep 19 18:31:36 EDT 2012 r2915
   -  NRR implements range() and rangespec() as recommended API
   -  intersection, subtraction, xor implemented
   -  EmptyRange->new()->regex() no longer dies - it now returns a regex
      that doesn't match anything
   -  clearer inheritance
   -  operate internally on SimpleRanges, not TrivialRanges. this allows
      for simpler code and faster operation (O(1) vs. O(lg n))
   -  implement iterators

0.08  Sep 10 15:47:15 EDT 2012 r2874
   -  object-orient-ify and implement union (intersect on the way)
   -  use string ops to avoid fp-induced bugs with large numbers
   -  thoroughly test 0..12 x 0..12 with regex_range()
   -  add some more targetted test cases
   -  refactor the two loops in regex_range to have parallel construction

0.07  Aug 29 21:23:23 2012 svn r2817
   -  readability: change e.g. '\d\d\d\d\d\d' to '\d{6}'
   -  $opts->{readable} implemented
   -  comment now works properly when min/max is undef

0.06  Aug 29 19:44:29 2012
   -  fix crash when regex_range() is called before init()

0.05  Tue Aug 28 22:20:42 2012
   -  silence a debug warning that was left enabled by accident

0.04  Tue Aug 28 21:44:08 2012 svn r2800
   -  auto-commenting implemented and enabled by default

0.03  Tue Aug 28 04:21:52 2012 svn r2794
   -  more exhaustive and informative test scripts

0.02  Thu Aug 23 13:45:23 2012
   -  no_leading_zeroes option implemented

0.01  Thu Aug 23 11:27:39 2012
   -  original version