Changes for Perl extension ORLite

1.98 Sat 29 Sep 2012
	- When setting pragmas in void context, skip reading the changed
	  pragma back out of the database pointlessly.
	- Removed legacy support for static ->delete('where ...')

1.97 Mon 21 May 2012
	- Use reproducible longdouble in tests (HMBRAND)

1.96 Mon 27 Feb 2012
	- Fixed a crash in the legacy delete emulation where the condition
	  clause provided was a constant or read-only.

1.95 Mon 27 Feb 2012
	- Fixed a fatal rowid big when generating in array mode

1.94 Mon 27 Feb 2012
	- Fixed a fatal rowid bug when a table had a single non-INTEGER
	  primary key.
	- Fixed bug in affinity detection code to now set REAL and
	  NUMERIC affinity correctly.

1.93 Mon 27 Feb 2012
	- The previous release 1.92 was done with a missing commit,
	  this release restores that missing code.

1.92 Mon 27 Feb 2012
	- Add the ->delete_where method for bulk deletion
	- Always do the initial metadata scan using ReadOnly => 1.
	- When generating readonly, DBI connections use ReadOnly => 1 too.
	- Quote identifiers more correctly via $dbh->quote_identifier.
	- Temporarily restory the static delete call to prevent breaking
	  Padre and other applications still using the old version of

1.91 Thu 23 Feb 2012
	- Calculate column affinity types in the metadata preparation phase
	- Throw an exception when tables contain BLOB types and the database
	  is unicode, as the blob data will be corrupted.
	- Improved testing for blobs and unicode, and TODO a known problem

1.90 Tue 21 Feb 2012
	- Removed x_rowid parameter and make the rowid logic compulsory.
	- Removed x_update parameter and make update method compulsory at
	  the table level but do not generate on the root level.
	- As a result, ORLite now supports creating and updating objects
	  even when they come from tables without primary keys.
	- Pending release as 2.00 once clarifying documentation is written.

1.54 Tue 21 Feb 2012
	- Added experimental x_rowid parameter to maintain SQLite rowids in
	  the objects

1.53 Tue 21 Feb 2012
	- Add a ->id convenience method alias when table 'foo' has a single
	  numeric primary key 'foo_id' so you can use $foo->id

1.52 Sat 21 Jan 2012
	- Added initial unicode => 1 support (MEMOWE)
	- Bumped Params::Util dependency to 1.0 for *LIKE fixes (ADAMK)

1.51 Fri 25 Nov 2011
	- Module::Install::DSL updated to 1.04
	- Automatically load overlay classes if there exist. That is, where a
	  Foo/ module exists in addition to the automatically
	  generated Foo::TableName class.

1.50 Tue 7 Jun 2011
	- Removed normalize as a supported parameter, normalizing columns turns
	  out not to work in practice. However, we always normalize tables to
	  get the class name for the table as that seems to result in class
	  names that make much more sense.

1.49 Wed 1 Jun 2011
	- Adding normalize support to turn columnName into column_name

1.48 Fri 21 Jan 2011
	- Initial support for shim => 1 to simplify customisation (ADAMK)

1.47 Wed 8 Dec 2010
	- Adding readonly support for views (ADAMK)

1.46 Tue 30 Nov 2010
	- Bumped File::Path dependency to 2.08 to prevent test failures
	  from the one shipped with Perl 5.8.9 (AZAWAWI)
	- Added experimental base class ->update support (ADAMK)
	- Added the qname attributes to the generator structs to simplify
	  and improve readability of SQL fragment strings (ADAMK)

1.45 Sun  8 Aug 2010
	- Adding initial support for cache => $directory (ADAMK)

1.44 Fri 23 Jul 2010
	- Upgrading to Module::Install::DSL 1.00 (ADAMK)
	- Adding the per-table table_info method to get the columns (ADAMK)
	- Adding tests for the per-table metadata methods (ADAMK)

1.43 Mon 10 May 2010
	- Ensure 100% of tables and columns are quoted correctly (ADAMK)

1.42 Tue 16 Mar 2010
	- Signficantly expanded documentation on the per-table class
	  and the methods created for it (Breno G. de Oliveira)

1.41 Tue  9 Mar 2010
	- Added the root ->connected method to allow for some
	  light introspection in unusual situations (such as
	  knowing if it's safe to spawn an off-the-books
	  ->connect'tion, or to detect if we are in a transaction).
	- Added documentation for the ->connect method, with suitably
	  strident warnings about the dangers of deadlocking.

1.40 Mon  1 Fed 2010
	- Fixed backwards test skipping logic

1.39 Fri 29 Jan 2010
	- Typo in the tests, they now run >= instead of > 1.05

1.38 Thu 28 Jan 2010
	- When using array => 1 on classes that we can create, add a ->set
	  method for setting parameters in the object safely.

1.37 Thu 28 Jan 2010
	- Adding experimental support for the array => 1 option.

1.36 Wed 27 Jan 2010
	- Rolled back the Template::Tiny conversion as it ended up slowing
	  down the code generation too much. I shall struggle on under the
	  old method.

1.35 Wed 27 Jan 2010
	- Adding experimental support for accelerated XS accessors
	  using Class::XSAccessor. ORLite itself will not introduce a
	  dependency on this module, consumers of this feature will need
	  to do it themselves.

1.34 Tue 26 Jan 2010
	- Major Change: Moved code generation from raw string appending to
	  using Template::Tiny instead. This will enable some new and more
	  complex improvements to the generated code.
	- Added tests for the cleanup code.

1.33 Sun 24 Jan 2010
	- When in the Perl debugger and on Perl 5.8.9 or newer,
	  use the $^P | 0800 in preference to dval (and always
	  use it even when $DEBUG is off).

1.32 Fri 15 Jan 2010
	- Each generated class now cleans up its own persistant
	  connection, rather than allowing it to fall through to the
	  deeper DBI cleanup.
	- To allow for persistant connections to readonly database,
	  we now always built transaction support for all databases.
	  However, for readonly databases we do not build the commit
	  method and you may only use the rollback method to end them.
	- Significantly expanded the Pod documentation to provide
	  documentation on all of the import options.
	- Add support for a cleanup option to import, which is single
	  explicit statement to be called on the database when the
	  process is shutting down. This should typically be used
	  ensure that a SQLite database is VACUUM'ed regularly (and at
	  a time when it hopefully won't impact the user much).

1.31 Sat  2 Jan 2010
	- Adding explicit versioned-use lines to the generated code (in case
	  the generated code is used independantly to its creation)

1.30 Sat  2 Jan 2010
	- Switching to a production release, CPAN Testers looks ok
	- Update DBD::SQLite dependency to 1.27. Some of the metadata pragmas
	  have changed, and we don't want to have to support both the old and
	  new versions.
	- ORLite will now correctly use RaiseError => 1, PrintError => 0 when
	  itself introspecting the schema, so a corrupted SQLite database
	  won't result in silent failure and the larger parent application
	  won't crash in unpredictable ways.

1.29_03 Thu  1 Oct 2009
	- Reverse the prune deletion order
	- Apply recursive delete flag

1.29_02 Tue 29 Sep 2009
	- Changed ->load to use selectrow_hashref
	- Allow ->load calls for multiple-columns primary keys
	- All connections now explicitly RaiseError => 1 for correctness
	- All connections now explicitly PrintError => 0 to avoid spewing
	  stuff to STDOUT/STDERR unexpectedly in embedded scenarios.
	- Remove most explicit error handling and allow the native DBI
	  errors to cascade upwards instead.

1.29_01 Mon 28 Sep 2009
	- Adding first experimental implementation of ->load

1.28 Fri 25 Sep 2009
	- Adding ->prune method that so that pruning can also be done
	  in subclasses.
	- Apply rel2abs to pruned directories so they still get deleted
	  even when our current directory moves.

1.27 Fri 25 Sep 2009
	- Adding test script for the prune feature

1.26_01 Fri 25 Sep 2009
	- Adding the prune option to have ORLite to track every file and
	  directory it creates and remove them during END phase.
	  (This should be especially handy in test scripts)

1.25 Sat 15 Aug 2009
	- Adding base and table metadata methods to each class to support
	  the creation of support/extension methods

1.24 Sat 15 Aug 2009
	- Adding support for an iterate method

1.23 Thu 11 Jun 2009 
	- Fixed a bug in method ->delete which deleted more than the actual
	  object in case the primary key consist of more than one column.
	  Added basic support for such primary keys with more than one column.

1.22 Mon  1 Jun 2009
	- Updated to Module::Install::DSL 0.91
	- Split out debug/eval as (undocument) dval function
	- App support for a (currently undocumented) 'append'
	  param to allow sub-classes like ORLite::Mirror to merge
	  in additional code to the generated class.

1.21 Sun 24 May 2009
	- Updated to Module::Install::DSL 0.88
	- Added commit_begin and rollback_begin to allow persisting
	  of the connection between successive transactions.

1.20 Thu 12 Feb 2009
	- Auto-create parent directory for ORLite files
	- Add root method ->sqlite which returns the path to the
	  sqlite file for that database.

1.19 Tue  3 Feb 2009
	- Adding support for using a CODE reference in the 'create'
	  parameter, so that the schema setup can be provided directly
	  in the ORLite initialisation.

1.18 Wed 14 Jan 2009
	- Adding an ->orlite method to return the version number of the
	  ORLite module that was used to generate the distribution.

1.17 Sat  3 Jan 2009
	- Adding a ->truncate method to each table

1.16 Sat 14 Dec 2008
	- The fact that I didn't need to change ORLite for ORLite::Migrate
	  suggests that it's stable enough for general use (pending 2.0)

0.15 Wed 24 Sep 2008
	- Adding support for writable pragmas
	- Adding tests for pragmas, schema_version and user_version

0.14 Tue 23 Sep 2008
	- Removed the last remnants of %ORLite::DSN and %ORLite::DBH.
	- Added support for the "create" param to allow database creation

0.13 Fri 19 Sep 2008
	- Fixed critical bug introduced in 0.10 or somewhere around there,
	  where column accessors were not defined for readonly classes.
	  (This fatally killed ORLite::Mirror)

0.12 Mon 15 Sep 2008
	- Don't store the database values in a shared hash any more
	  (Makes the classes self-contained and able to run without ORLite)
        - Add a tables param to the import, to allow the base database
          connectivity class to be created without the table classes.

0.11 Tue  9 Sep 2008
	- If we aren't debugging we don't need to write the temp file

0.10 Wed  6 Aug 2008
        - Quote all column names for explicitness

0.09 Fri 11 Jul 2008
	- Adding pragma method to the top package
	- Adding user_version import param to provide the ability
	  to lock the Perl code against a known-good schema.

0.08 Tue 24 Jun 2008
	- Adding an experimental -DEBUG option

0.07 Wed 28 May 2008
	- Actually trust the package param

0.06 Wed 28 May 2008
	- Don't add transaction support if we are readonly

0.05 Tue 27 May 2008
	- Minor bug fixes in the ->import method
	- Correcting the RT link in the POD.

0.04 Tue 27 May 2008
	- Added ->import( \%hash ) support.
	- Added support for custom passing of the target package.
	- Added support for readonly database loading
	  (We need this for doing mirrored remote db support)
	- Autodetect readonly SQLite files

0.03 Thu 22 May 2008
	- Added initial foreign key support
	- Added the POD documentation for ORLite root packages
	- Added File::Spec dependency

0.02 Mon 19 May 2008
	- Added class and instance ->delete
	- Added ->new
	- Added ->insert
	- Added ->create

0.01 Fri 16 May 2008
	- Created an initial experimental support with only ->select