Revision history for Perl extension ORM.

    - Fixed ORM::Expr->_not 

    - Fixed Metaprop builder
    - Fixed overload. Added shorthand methods.
    - Fixed ORM::Const->tjoin()
    - Little comment
    - Optional nontransactional tables support for MySQL. Fixed strings quoting.
    - Transactions fix + 1st approximation of nested transactions in eval statements.
    - Temporary objects support

    - Fixed v0.83.2 error with transactions handlng

    - Updated Existing documentation
    - Absence of 'weaken' support is not fatal now

    - Use transactions in methods of ORM::Db::DBI: 'insert_object',
      'update_object', 'delete_object'
    - Improved foreign keys emulation
    - Fixed few bugs in PgSQL driver
    - Added 'method' option to ORM::_validate_prop
    - Added ORM::_rev alias to ORM::_rev_prop
    - Added ORM::_rev_count alias to ORM::_rev_prop_count
    - Added ORM::_prop alias to ORM::_property
    - Added ORM::_prop_id alias to ORM::_property_id
    - Updated Existing documentation

    - ORM::Db::DBI::PgSQL storage driver implemented
    - Allowed use of multiple object models in one program
    - several ORM::Expr class-methods now can be called as object
      methods as well
    - ORM::Error::short_text() added
    - Existing documentation updated

    - Documentation updates and fixes

    - Error handling using 'upto' method
    - Little bit more documentation added

    - ORM/Tuturial.pod is almost finished

    - Added support of 'preload' argument to ORM::Stat
    - Added support of predefined 'post_filter' to ORM::Stat
    - Added 'cond' (additonal condition) option to ORM::Metaprop->_rev_expand
    - Special case handled in 'ORM::Metaprop::new' when method called for
      class 'ORM::Metaprop'
    - Added support of meta-properties of 'ORM::Stat' descendants
    - Added methods 'ORM::_rev_prop' and 'ORM::_rev_prop_count'
    - Complete some more chapters in ORMtut.pod
    - Fixed several mistakes in ORMtut.pod
    - Fixed ORM::Base::import fatal error when ORM::History is disabled
    - Fixed some warnings in

0.8  Sun Dec  4 18:47:22 2005
    New features:
    - Implemented reverse properties
    - Implemented object linking on arbitrary properties
    - Modified '_db_type_to_class' to accepts field_name and field_type
    - Implemented transactions
    - Modified ORM->stat to add ability to load several objects by one query
    - Applied cache in ORM::Db::DBI->select_full
    - Implemented object cache
    - Denied use of intermediate classes without their own tables, because
      in opposite case when exist 2 intermediate classes derived from one
      base class then search through one of child classes also finds
      objects of second class.
    - Implemented use of ORM::Expr with 'update'
    - Added SQL logging feature to ORM::Db
    - Implemented separate layer for DB operations
    - Implemented autoreconnect to SQL server after "Mysql server has gone away"
    - Added method ORM->stat()
    - Added feature to use sealed classes (when primary table does not contain
      class field)
    - Added argument lazy_load to ORM->stat(), which allows to use lazy
      loaded objects
    - Implemented lazy loaded objects, two variants:
      - variant 1: known only 'id' and nothing loaded
      - variant 2: loaded only tables of primary class
    - Allowed use of third party classes as object properties
    - Calculated meta-properties (ORM::Metaprop incapsulates ORM::Expr)
    - ORM should log changes history via ORM::History
    - Initial class configuration:
      - global parameter 'history_is_enabled'
      - posibility to enable/disable hostory on per class basis
      - global parameter 'emulate_foreign_keys'
      - method 'new', 'update', 'delete' should accept argument
        to enable/disable history for particular operation
    - Implemented object changes history
    - Produce separate initial class from ORM for every separate object model
    - Use ORM::Db->qt to quote table names, ORM::Db->qf to quote field names,
      ORM::Db->qi to quote aliases
    - Use ORM::Db->qi to quote table names and field names
    - Added redefineable method ORM->_db_type_to_class

    - Deleted method ORM::Metaprop->_expanded
    - Reimplement table joins
    - Fixed automatic loading of related modules
    - Modified 'update' method
      - Wrong compare of properties:
        $arg{prop}->{$prop} ne $self->{_ORM_data}->{$prop}
      - add check, whether object was changed after it was fetched from DB
      - ability to update objetc only when its properties are equal
        to those assumed by user
    - Fixed _validate_prop
    - Fixed ORM::Tjoin
    - ORM::History->rollback should delete rolled back history entries from
      'history' table
    - Replaced calls to isa to UNIVERSAL::isa
    - Stop using obsoletted ORM::db_auth
    - Move automatic init of 'cdate' properties from ORM to my initial class;