Revision history for Perl extension Object::Container

0.14 2010-12-21T19:42:25+09:00
     - added has_instance method for old version compatible (xaicron++)

0.13 2010-12-13T11:31:33+09:00
     - added autoload future.
     - autoload implementation is currently experimental phase so not documented yet.

0.12 2010-10-31T16:19:09+09:00
     - moved require test for Exporter::AutoClean to compile time

0.11 2010-10-14T10:50:55+09:00
     - do some workarounds for perl 5.8.x

0.10 2010-10-13T15:15:52+09:00
     - fixed a test for environment where is not installed Exporter::AutoClean

0.09 2010-10-12T20:33:36+09:00
     - added preload_* functions in subclass interface, and also added load_* methods.
     - remove dependency on Class::Singleton, Data::Util, and Exporter::AutoClean. Exporter::AutoClean is in 'recommends' section (lestrrat++)
     - added hashref interface for register method also supported preload option (xaicron++)

0.09_01 2010-10-05T00:18:21+09:00
     - preload interface test #1

0.0802 2010-04-18T10:55:40+09:00
     - add missing prereqs (no code change)

0.0801 2010-04-16T23:53:08+09:00
     - fixed previous version bug that forgot to remove Any::Moose from testcase

0.08 2010-04-15T13:39:23+09:00
     - no depends Mo(o|u)se, change to depends on Class::Accessor::Fast. (zigorou++)

0.07 2010-04-04T22:26:03+09:00
     - don't unregister previously registered class automatically when newer register is called

0.06 2010-02-18T20:52:58+09:00
     - add unregister and remove method

0.05001 2009-11-24T10:43:02+09:00
     - fix pod (RT: #51859)

0.05 2009-09-04T11:39:11+09:00
     - fix 0.04 doesn't die when getting unregister objects

0.04 2009-09-03T21:34:25+09:00
     - use Carp
     - return nothing if it comes getting unregistered object

0.03002 2009-07-29T12:23:30+09:00
     - fixed a bug throwing wrong error message when getting unregistered classes

0.03001 2009-07-16T19:54:28+09:00
     - pass $self to initializer

0.03 2009-07-16T16:05:25+09:00
     - added subclass interface

0.02001 2009-07-09T19:07:45+09:00
     - enable to get Object::Container via export function when it comes to no arguments.

0.02 2009-07-09T18:41:54+09:00
     - added feature to export singleton interface

0.01001 2009-05-01T10:27:33+09:00
     - fix japanese pod name section to avoid CPAN indexer

0.01 2009-04-30T16:52:37+09:00
     - initial version