Revision history for Object-Deadly

0.01    2006-08-14
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    2006-08-14
        I hate svk.

0.03    2006-08-15
        Use Devel::StackTrace for better stack traces by default.

0.04    2006-08-15
        C<...> -> C<< ... >> fixed pod formatting
        Use Carp::Clan 5.4+ or failover to Carp.
        Expanded author tests.

0.05    2006-08-15
        Created ::_safe and ::_unsafe packages for the implementation.
        Allowed Object::Deadly to get subclassed.
        Added a list of all known UNIVERSAL methods
        Added API functions ->get_death, ->kill_UNIVERSAL, ->kill_function

0.06    2006-08-15
        I'm done now? Right?
        Removed the version from the pod.
        Moved the pod to the end. It was distracting.
        Made t/20deadly.y actually run. It wasn't before.

0.07    2006-09-12
        Added some trivial documentation to Object::Deadly::_safe.
        Made Object::Deadly::_safe ok for Lint's StrictOO check.
        Removed all the isa cache stuff til I can do that sanely.
        Added a bit more docs.
        Added acknowledgement section.

0.08    2006-09-13
        Class methods on Object::Deadly::_unsafe are now delegated
          away with SUPER::super.

0.09    2006-09-23
        Carp::Clan 5.4 is available on CPAN now.
        Use Scalar::Util, English.
        Added ->new_with( REF )
        Moved code out of Object::Deadly::_unsafe into
          Object::Deadly. Only real dead code lives in
          Object::Deadly::_unsafe now.
        Check for crucial class methods.