0.25    2020-10-18
    - dist.ini / weaver.ini / .tidyallrc / etc. cleanup
        - Move to @SHLOMIF
        - Inspired by Lady_Aleena.

0.24    2018-10-07
    * Added [MetaJSON] to dist.ini so releases include a META.json file
    * Convert dist.ini to [@SHLOMIF]

0.23    2016-02-12
    * Convert the distribution from Module-Install to Dist-Zilla.

    * Start maintaining in a GitHub repository.

    * Add a LICENSE file.

    * Removed trailing whitespace - with a test.

    * Remove the SIGNATURE file - at least temporarily.

0.22    2007-02-09
    * Allow declarations in copula callbacks as return value:

        copula => foo => sub { bar is 1, baz is 2 }

    * No longer raise bogus "overload method not found" errors
      when paritally-formed declarations objects is e.g. printed
      out for debugging purposes.

0.21    2007-01-26

    * Helper functions for mapping keys are no longer present within
      dynamic scope of mapping construction callbacks; this allows you
      to have call a method that has the same name as a mapping key
      during ->new() and other callbacks.

    * Support for fully qualified fields: "Very::Happy is 42" and
      "is Very::Happy" are valid even when Very::Happy is not yet loaded.

    * Support for associating coderefs with copula for even more
      flexible rewriting of arguments:

        copula      => {                # list of words, or a map
            is  => '',                  #  from copula to label prefixes,
            are => '',                  #  or to callback that e.g. turns
            has => sub { has => @_ },   #  "has X" to "has is X" and
                                        #  "X has 1" to "has is [X => 1]"

0.20    2007-01-16

    * Sub::Override is no longer a dependency for this module.

    * Values in declarations can now contain nested sub-objects by
      calling the declarators again:

        column foo => field is column( field is 'foo' );

      Contributed by: Jason Adams

0.13    2006-07-21

    * Introduce the "synonyms" interface, a mapping for alternate
      spelling for field names.

0.12    2006-07-20

    * The "isn't" keyword in 0.11 broke Test::More, and I can't find a
      way to reconcile them, so it's now sadly retracted.

0.11    2006-07-20

    * Support the prefix ! operator on declarations, so negated ones
      such as "!is global" or "!global is $x" now work.
      Requested by: Jesse Vincent

    * Also introduce the "isn't" negated copula.
      Requested by: Jesse Vincent

0.10    2006-07-20

    * The "copula" interface now accepts an arbitrary prefix for each
      copula (defaults to ''), which can be used to distinguish labels
      built by different copular words.

0.09    2006-07-18

    * The "mapping" interface now accepts arbitrary code reference as the
      builder function, in addition to class names to call ->new to.

0.08    2006-07-18

    * Added lots of documentation and comments.

    * Now works correctly even if at runtime the symbol table entries
      created at compile-time get deleted.

0.07    2006-07-18

    * Chained "is foo, is bar, is baz" now works; previously only
      the first one is recognized.
      Reported by: Steven Little

0.06    2006-07-17

    * Documentation cleanup; no functional changes.

0.05    2006-07-17

    * Support for ordered declarations, via list-context return of
      "declare".  In scalar context, it still returns a hash reference.

0.04    2006-07-17

    * Support for plural values via "are":

        column x =>
            field1 is 'xxx',
            field2 are 'XXX', 'XXX', # <-- Plural value
            is field3;

0.03    2006-07-17

    * The declarator can now be exported to another package;
      this works because internally, each declarator remembers
      the class mappings and copula it was associated with.

0.02    2006-07-17

    * Documentation cleanup; no functional changes.

0.01    2006-07-17

    * Initial CPAN release.