2018-10.29 v1.005 release to CPAN
 - fix syntax error with newer Perl versions
 - New Maintainer Max Maischein

2012-10-17 v1.004 release to CPAN
 - fix test t/05_nometh.t to not fail on some perl-bleads between 5.17.4 and 5.17.5
 - have test t/13_nometh.t give clearer error message for some failure

2012-10-14 v1.003 release to CPAN
 - explicitly require perl 5.008 in metafile and module -- module never
    actually worked on older perls
 - fix a bug in test t/05_nometh.t (where I passed an array instead of hash
    to the savenames option)
 - fix test t/05_nometh.t to work with perl 5.17.5 and higher which
    allows to call class methods on packages with punctuation name --
    used to explicitly test such methods being forbidden
 - add new keywords we do not export to by default:
    fc evalbytes __FILE__ __LINE__ __PACKAGE__ __SUB__
 - in testsuite, test for specific warnings only, not for arbitrary warnings
 - added some new tests, including a test for module working under taint mode

2011-01-26 v1.002 release to CPAN
 - properly document deref option
 - method called through Object::Import changing its invocant didn't use to
    have any effect, now it changes the imported object
 - a few new tests (t/09_parm.t, t/10_alias.t)
 - fix test failures on Windows where I forgot to binmode a handle
 - fixed some misplaced text in the docs

2010-11-07 v1.001 release to cpan
 - target package option
 - distribution stuff: Makefile.PL, README, TODO
 - some tests
 - support for IO handles
 - save list of names exported to hash
 - add prefix/suffix to names
 - exclude some special method names, also underscored names
 - importing with explicit list of method names
 - documentation with examples
 - converting to real module

2010-06-13 v1.000
 - toy prototype at http://www.perlmonks.com/?node_id=849373