Revision history for Perl extension ObjectDB

3.25 2017-12-26T21:41:56Z

    - remove custom exceptions

3.24 2017-09-23T20:26:23Z

    - allow pages and page sizes with more than on digit

3.23 2017-09-16T10:13:49Z

    - use the same connection for insert and auto_increment
    - do not set not nullable columns on undef
    - correctly discover that a column is nullable
    - travis no sudo
    - do not reuse merged var name
    - remove unused method in test

3.22 2017-09-06T19:00:47Z

    - no changes, just dist meta updates

3.21 2017-09-03T22:03:18Z

    - explicitly set mysql settings for travis ci
    - do not use empty heredocs terminators
    - proverc
    - with and columns
    - get rid of Test::Spec
    - perltidy
    - get rid of Hash::Merge
    - remove unused exported function
    - benchmarks
    - make bench docs lines shorter
    - improving docs
    - move stmt class to its own package, use counters instead of shifting
    - resurrect iterators
    - find_by_compose for building custom queries
    - rows_as_hashes option for returning raw hashes instead of objects

3.20 2017-05-15T09:27:48Z

    - better Pg support with correct default boolean values detection

    - testing on all databases

3.19 2017-01-21T16:21:04Z

    - reset related on load
    - allow custom joins in count

    - recommend DBIx::Inspector

3.18 2017-01-10T18:16:41Z

    - remove duplication in dbhpool
    - remove unneeded columns when counting
    - better default field
    - fix used only once warning

3.17 2016-12-26T11:04:38Z

    - correctly auto discover nullable columns

3.16 2016-11-22T20:43:03Z

    - work around pg default empty values

3.15 2016-08-14T16:52:04Z

    - custom do commands after connect

3.14 2016-08-10T08:26:23Z

    - fix empty default values when using auto discovery

3.13 2016-01-17T10:13:10Z

    - allow low level joins in find queries

3.12 2015-09-21T09:41:30Z

    - support HAVING

3.11 2014-12-12T22:44:08Z

    - explicitly return undef on get_column
    - fix transaction error handling

3.10 2014-04-28T09:59:37Z

    - do not merge rows for now

    - fix finding via many to many
    - fix undefined warning

3.09 2014-02-19T13:37:27Z

    - load and find with columns
    - require latest SQL::Composer

    - skip auto discovery test when DBIx::Inspector not available

3.08 2014-02-14T14:33:18Z

    - auto discovery
    - each iterator
    - find_by_sql method
    - generate columns and related methods
    - it is possible to preload one to many relationships

    - fix related context
    - fix inc in tests
    - fix empty relationships
    - reorganize and improve related tests
    - reorganize and improve related tests
    - fix loading many to many as related
    - better row merging when rows are sorted
    - make sure to_hash works on one to many
    - testing loading one to many

3.07 2014-01-17T12:59:51Z

    - require latest version of SQL::Composer

3.06 2014-01-15T21:00:04Z

    - correct initialization of related objects
    - use Hash::Merge and remove lots of duplication
    - small many to many improvements

3.05 2014-01-15T15:56:27Z

    - simplify related objects creation
    - merge where clause in many to many

3.04 2014-01-13T12:26:00Z

    - set is_in_db flag when returning found objects

3.03 2013-12-20T08:21:33Z

    - require dbh for pool testing

3.02 2013-12-17T13:10:58Z

    - do not run tests that require specific database driver

3.01 2013-12-15T08:09:16Z

    - fix dependencies

3.00 2013-12-14T19:51:25Z

    - original version