Revision history for OpenERP-OOM

0.46      2018-01-25 12:47:37+00:00 Europe/London

        - Re-release due to permissions problem

0.45      2018-01-18 15:42:14+00:00 Europe/London

        - Fix spam caused by a date field being null
        - Fix spam caused by using given/when

0.44      2016-09-01 12:45:41+01:00 Europe/London

        Pass through context on updates.  This prevents translation issues.

0.43      2016-08-17 16:44:27+01:00 Europe/London

        Breaking change: Simplified setup of _source property.
        The linked objects had a _source method added that linked back to the OpenERP object.
        This now relies on the object having a Moose style read/write property named _source
        and it will fill that in if present.  Otherwise the _source will not be setup.

        This prevents problems with phantom database because the old code was setting up
        methods on classes, so it was potentially causing issues with new Result objects
        created outside the management of this module where they would have a _source method
        pointing to the last OpenERP object seen.

0.42    Thu May 18, 2016
        Odoo presents timestamps in UTC, so need to construct DateTime objects explicitly in that timezone
         instead of a "Floating" timezone

0.41    Thu May 17, 2016
        Fixed fallback order when parsing dates and timestamps read from Odoo

0.14    Fri Sept 21, 2012
        Finally started to make sure we send the context information 
        relating to translation, specifically we send lang: en_GB in the
        context whenever we do a read to ensure the data is translated.

        The language sent is configurable on the schema object and is simply
        named lang.

        # FIXME: this might be a bad idea if we aren't doing it on writes too.

0.13    Sept 11, 2012 
        (internal release)
        Added new method named search_limited_fieldsfor doing searches.
        It avoids pulling down the data for every field when constructing 
        the objects after finding their ids.

        Removed some old debug references to Data::Dumper.

0.12    Tue Aug 21, 2012
        Small fixes before CPAN release at YAPC::Europe 2012

0.11    Mon Aug 20, 2012
        Changed to open source license
        First CPAN release

0.02 - 0.10  Internal OpusVL releases

0.01    Wed Mar 2, 2011
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.