Revision history for OpenERP-OOM

0.14    Fri Sept 21, 2012
        Finally started to make sure we send the context information 
        relating to translation, specifically we send lang: en_GB in the
        context whenever we do a read to ensure the data is translated.

        The language sent is configurable on the schema object and is simply
        named lang.

        # FIXME: this might be a bad idea if we aren't doing it on writes too.

0.13    Sept 11, 2012 
        (internal release)
        Added new method named search_limited_fieldsfor doing searches.
        It avoids pulling down the data for every field when constructing 
        the objects after finding their ids.

        Removed some old debug references to Data::Dumper.

0.12    Tue Aug 21, 2012
        Small fixes before CPAN release at YAPC::Europe 2012

0.11    Mon Aug 20, 2012
        Changed to open source license
        First CPAN release

0.02 - 0.10  Internal OpusVL releases

0.01    Wed Mar 2, 2011
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.