JMGDOC / OpenOffice-OODoc-2.125 / Changes

2.125	2010-07-12 bug #57888 fix bug fix in selectElementByContent() bug fix in setBackgroundImage()
	All: code cleaning
2.124   2010-04-02 minor accessor improvement. bug fixes in getTextElementList(), setSpan(), removeSpan(); removeTextStyleChanges() introduced as an alias of removeSpan(); textStyle(), getText() improvements. functional change in updateText() (user-provided function call). improved getTextDescendants(), added getTextNodes().
2.123   2010-03-20 getElementList() becomes an alias of selectNodesByXPath(). improved setChildElement(), selectChildElements(), added setChildElements(), newTextNode(). getEntry() optimization. added updateText(); fixed a doc error.
        Moved replaceText(), substituteText() from to
2.122   2010-03-10
        Minor bug fix.
2.121   2010-03-10
        Intro.pod: doc update. createStyle() bug fix; now 'check' is no longer 'true' by default with createStyle()., moved some methods from Text to XPath. various improvements and compatibility break with setNote(), setBibliographyMark(), setBookmark(), setHyperlink(), setAnnotation(), setTextField(), getUserFieldReferences(); deprecated setSpan(). added setRangeMark(), checkRangeMark(), deleteMark(), deleteMarks(), checkRangeBookmark(), deleteBookmark(), setIndexMark(), checkIndexMark(), deleteIndexMark(), setTextSpan(), setTextSpans(), setIndexMark(), setTextFields(), setUserFieldDeclaration().
        XPath.pod: splitElement() doc error fix. Added splitContent(), setChildElement(), textIndex(), getPartName(); added element identifier accessors & id-based retrieval; improved getRoot(), context-related methods, objectName(), selectElementByAttribute(), selectElementsByAttribute(), selectElementByContent(), selectElementsByContent(), getUserFields().
        Examples: oodoc_test now allows target file name as argument.
2.112   2010-01-27 Added increment_editing_cycles(). Bug fix in userFieldValue() #54004.
        Cosmetic change in odf_set_fields example.
        Bug fix and cosmetic change in odf_set_title example.
2.111   2010-01-10
        File.pod, XPath.pod: doc update. target file no longer require at creation time. fixed bug #53552, real support for filehandles. changes related to filehandle support and bug #53552. utf8 becomes the default local character set.
        INSTALL: doc update.
2.109   2010-01-05
	Cosmetic changes in the installation tests; changed the test image.
	Updated template documents.
	Makefile.PL: Updated dependencies (updated INSTALL accordingly).
	Makefile.PL: utf8 becomes the default character set. Archive::Zip 1.18 now required; IO::File required; file handles supported. Added user-defined property access methods; added getTemplate(), unlinkTemplate(). Added setNote(), fixed a bug in getTableByName() [#48356].
2.108	2009-05-24
	Some doc cleaning added getUserProperty(), setUserProperty(), removeUserProperty() added new check in constructor according to [#43744] avoided a useless warning in getAttributes() [#42038] improved expandTable() according to [#41975] (thanks to
	Barry Slaymaker), changed getTable(), some code cleaning importImage() now can automatically import externally linked images save() now checks the source files availability
2.107	2008-12-07 added getCellPosition(), adapted from a proposal by dhoworth
	Makefile.PL: updated the XML::Twig version requirement
	Makefile.PL: (grrr...) removed the accent in the author's name, due to
	a Solaris-specific trouble with non-ASCII characters in the makefiles now uses XML::Twig 3.32 instead of 3.22
2.106	2008-11-05
	Added the oodoc_test example
	Moved odfLocatime() and odfTimeLocal() from to, and
	updated Meta.pod, OODoc.pod and XPath.pod accordingly added openDocumentVersion() fixed a bug in isPresentation() added automatic replacement by 0 of any constructor parameter
	set to 'off' or 'false' by the calling application added multiple spaces handling in setText() normalized the content produced by setText() and extendText() added setAnnotation() added getTableByName()
	Reverted the (ugly and buggy) use/require changes in examples
	Some doc cleaning (README, INSTALL)
	Removed useless install date info from oodoc_version
2.105	2008-10-08
	No code change; just fixed a small doc mistake
2.104	2008-10-08
	Added the oodoc_version executable script
	Replaced "use" by "require" for Tk and Text::Wrapper in examples,
	in order to avoid some non essential installation dependencies. bug fix in extendText() (#39174)
	Perl >= 5.8 required in every PM file
	Licensing: now GNU-LGPL 2.1 only
2.103	2008-06-15
	Some cosmetic changes in the installation tests
	Makefile.PL, config.xml: added BUILD_DATE added version() added getFontDeclarations(), getFontName() bugfix related to non-ASCII characters in style names changed the way of creating new documents
	Replaced XML templates by ODF and OOo files (including a few paragraph
	styles) given priority to 'member' option over 'part' option, to 'archive'
	over 'container', for legacy reasons; other parameter priority changes;
	code cleaning in the constructor bugfix related to non-ASCII characters in frame names bugfixes related to non-ASCII characters in styles and draw page names removed some code redundancies in table cell related accessors added updateUserFieldReferences() added expandTable() removed an undesirable warning in getTable() fixed a bug in getTableCell()
	Examples: Changed text2table in order to use expandTable()
2.102	2008-05-04
	Cleaned some code examples
2.101	2008-05-04
	Intro.pod: doc update fixed wrong exports for ooLocaltime() and ooTimelocal(), added
	odfXxx aliases for deprecated ooXxx functions
	Meta.pod: doc update added new odfXxx aliases for deprecated ooXxx global functions
	Styles.pod: doc update; fixed #29578 added new odfXxx aliases for deprecated ooXxx global functions
	OODoc.pod: doc update added support for time values in table cells, improved the table
	normalization feature added 'container' and 'part' attributes ('archive' and 'member'
	are now deprecated)
	Makefile.PL: added PACKAGING_DATE
	All modules, docs and examples: various renamings
2.035	2007-06-30 Bug fixes related to some table cell attribute accessors Added new aliases (oo -> odf)
	Styles.pod: doc update
2.034	2007-03-17
2.033	2007-03-17
	- bug fix in replicateNode() (#25271)
	- improved style retrieval by display-name
	- Documentation update (Styles.pod, XPath.pod, Intro.pod)
2.032	2007-01-19
	- bug fix in getText()
	- "part" allowed as synonym of "member" in constructor
	- "attributes" allowed as synonym of "attribute" in insertElement()
2.031	2007-01-10
	- bug fix in cellSpan (#24277)
	- improved getLocalPosition()
2.029	2006-12-18
	- bug fix in cellSpan() (#23501); improved removeHeading()
2.028	2006-09-07
	- bug fix in selectChildElements()
2.027	2006-08-03
	- Added the oofindbasic example; added oo_set_fields, oo_set_title,
	oo_search as executable examples
	- Added masterPageExtension(); changed masterPageHeader()
	and masterPageFooter(); added masterPageHeaderLeft() and
	masterPageFooterLeft(), following a Volker Hirsinger's suggestion
	- Fixed a bug in removeAtribute() 
	- Fixed a bug which prevented accessing 'styles' when $1
	was set, thanks to Dab
	- More context-sensitive get_xpath calls; some code lightening
	and optimization
	- Fixed a bug in userFieldValue(), thanks to Andy Layton
	- bi-directional span allowed by cellSpan()
	- Fixed a bug in getTextElementList()
	- code lightening
2.026	2006-06-11
	- added pickUpChildren(), appendElements(), moveElements()
	- 01read.t: Bug fix in MIME type check
	- Added makeHeading(), textField(), setTextField(),
	moveElementsToSection(); Optimized setSpan(); replaced getChapter()
	by getChapterContent()
	- Text.pod: createParagraph() now documented
	- Bug fix in getDefaultStyle()
2.025	2006-05-05
	- Some updates due to changes in
	- Added getFlatText(), setFlatText(), insertTextChild(),
	getDescendants(), createFrame(), and frame geometry methods
	- Cosmetic improvement in imagePosition()
	- Added rgbColor() and odfColor()
	- Added getOutlineStyleElement(), updateOutlineStyle()
	- "display-name" bug fix
	- Added frame related methods
	- Added setFlatText(), splitTextElement(), blankSpaces(),
	lineBreak(), tabStop()
	- Fixed an issue with tab stops and line breaks
	- Added text-box related methods
	- Added setBibliographyMark()
	- More context-sensitive selectXxx() methods
	- Improved extendText(), allowing insertion within an element
	- Improved getText(), setText()
	- Improved list-related features
	- Added 'within' option in insertElement()
	- Bug fix and new methods related to footnotes & endnotes
	- added selectElementByTextId()
	- "Header" to "Heading" replacement when appropriate
	- Added setBookmark() as a synonym for bookmarkElement()
	- Documentation cleaning and update
2.024	2006-03-17
	- Zero or blank string allowed in createParagraph()
	- Added getCellParagraph()
	- Bug fix in in order to allow setText() with a zero value
	- Bug fix in in order to allow element creation with an
	initial zero or blank value
	- Bug fix in (raw_delete(), save()); added read_only flag
	- Bug fixes in removeAttribute() and setAttributes()
	(thanks to Paul Tyers)
	- Documentation cleaning
2.023	2006-02-10
	- Bug fix in styleName() (#17543)
	- added unlockSections()
	- Documentation update
2.022	2006-02-04
	- added some improvements and fixed an issue in setSpan()
	- added an improved version of extendText()
	- fixed bugs in deleteTable() and defaultOutputTerminator()
	(thanks to <jsandeo[at]>)
	- added getSectionList(), sectionName()
	- fixed an issue in setText() and extendText()
	- added appendTabStop(), appendLineBreak(), appendSpaces()
	- Text.pod: Doc error fixes and updates
2.021	2006-01-21
	- added section lock/unlock and sub-document link features
	- Documentation cleaning & update
	- Archive::Zip requirement downgraded to 1.14
	- Makefile.PL cleaning
	- The default file format is now OpenDocument ( & Makefile.PL)
	- Cosmetic changes in
2.019	2006-01-02
	- bug fix in getTable() (#16864)
2.018	2005-12-10
	- small fix; added getLocalPosition() as an Element method.
	- Added copyRowToHeader(), deleteTableColumn(); code cleaning
	in insertTableColumn(); improved normalizeSheet();
	bug fixes in insertRow(), getItemListText().
	- Doc cleaning and update; removed Notes.pod.
2.017	2005-11-27
	- Added context change features
	- Bug fix in getList(). Added getItemListText() and changed
	getText() for item lists. Improved getHeaderTextList, improved level
	selection in every getHeaderXXX method. Added section-focused methods.
	Added variable-focused methods.
2.016	2005-11-19
	- improvement/fix allowing multiple save() calls
	- Archive::Zip 1.16 required
2.015	2005-11-13
	- bug fix in isTableRow() (#15739)
	- Added insertTableColumn()
2.014	2005-10-31
	- Bug fix in getTable(). Added getTableHeaderRow().
2.013	2005-10-22
	- Code cleaning in
	- Added hyperlinkURL()
2.012	2005-10-22
	- Added OpenOffice::OODoc::Element package
	- XML::Twig 3.22 required
	- Added tableName(), getCellParagraphs(), setHyperlink(),
	selectHyperlinkElement(), selectHyperlinkElements() and fixed
	a bug in removeSpan() 
	- Doc update
2.011	2005-09-21
	- Fixed an issue related to style copying from one doc to another one
	and improved the style importation feature in createStyle (
	- Added font declaration processing methods (
2.009	2005-09-17
	- Bug fix in insertParagraph (
2.008	2005-09-16
	- Changed getText() and getCellValue() in order to export the
	full text content of multi-paragraph table cells (
	- Bug fix in (masterPageHeader, masterPageFooter)
	- Changed getText(), extendText() and created createSpaces()
	in in order to improve the management of repeated spaces
	- Doc update
2.007	2005-09-12
	- Bug fix in (wrong cell addressing in rows containing
	covered cells)
2.006	2005-08-27
	- Bug fix in (setSpan)
	- Bug fix and update in oometadoc example
	- Bug fix in empty directory management in archives (
	- Various doc debugging and update
2.005	2005-08-17
	- Bug fix in (setAttribute)
	- Logic change in (userFieldAttribute)
	- Various cleaning
2.003	2005-08-15
	- Table cell value & style processing improvements for ODF
	- Fixed a bug and improved page style vocabulary in
	- Improved support for ODF in
	- Bug fix in (getAttributes)
	- Doc update
	- First CPAN version supporting ODF
2.002	2005-07-07 [developer release]
	- Bug fix in (replicateElement)
2.001	2005-06-28 [developer release]
	- Bug fixes (item lists in OD)
	- Doc update, mainly about OOo/OD functional differences
2.000	2005-05-19 [developer release]
	- OASIS Open Document (OD) support
	- XML template management change
1.309	2005-05-03
	- Fixed a bug that prevented new OOo file creation when the installation
	full path included spaces - thanks to imacat[at]
1.308	2005-04-30
	- Bug fix in (exportImages)
	- Documentation update
1.307	2005-03-31
	- Downgraded Archive::Zip version control to 1.06 (1.14 seems to be
	a problem for some testers)
	- Added initial_creator() in
1.306	2005-03-16
	- Added userFieldValue(), getChapter(), bibliography and bookmark related
	methods in
	- Modified getHeader() in
	- Documentation update
1.305	2005-03-01
	- Added getParentStyle() and getAncestorStyle() in
	- Added Archive::Zip version control (1.14) in Makefile.PL
	- ABSTRACT in Makefile.PL
	- Bug fix and optimization in the text2table example
1.304	2005-02-18
	- Bugfix in the oometadoc example
	- Code cleaning and optimizations (
1.303	2005-02-17
	- Added a Tk graphical example (oometadoc)
	- Fix some module version errors
1.302	2005-02-17
	- Improved flat XML export facilities
	- Performance tuning (,
1.301	2005-02-07
	- Migration to XML::Twig (a lot of rework in
	- Optimized the element creation process
	- Added flat XML files input option
	- Many internal changes in due to XML::Twig
	- A few internal changes in other modules due to XML::Twig 
	- Added examples; put some examples in EXE_FILES
	- Documentation update
	- Makefile.PL update; XML::XPath no longer required: XML::Twig required
1.207	2005-01-28
	- Fixed a normalizeSheet() issue in
	- Added a few more shortcuts in
	- Some optimizations in and
1.206	2005-01-27
	- Documentation update
	- Added several spreadsheet management features in
	- "readable XML" option in
	- Row/cell addressing improvements for spreadsheets in
	- Added cellSpan() in
	- Bug fixes in getCellValue() and updateCell() in
	- Replaced "createoodoc" by "oobuild" in the examples
1.205	2004-09-20
	- Fixed a bug in createImageElement(); this could prevent the user from
	inserting images in presentation or drawing documents
1.204	2004-09-07
	- Fixed a MSWin32 issue that could cause failures in the ooCreateFile()
	method ( - thanks to crazyinsomniac[at]
1.203	2004-08-03
	- Fixed a bug that prevented the user from using custom templates (
	- Removed Archive::Zip version control (due to a numbering anomaly in
	the PPM/Windows Archive::Zip distribution)
	- Downgraded File::Temp version control from 1.14 to 1.12 (that is the
	current PPM/Windows version)
	- Documentation update
1.202	2004-07-30
	- Removing an unneeded warning when no colormap is loaded
1.201	2004-07-30
	- Many changes in to allow the creation of new documents
	- Added many template files for document creation
	- Added and Manifest.pod
	- Added contentClass() and getRootElement() in
	- Added readConfig() function in and config.xml file
	- Added date conversion functions from OOo to time() format in
	- Added contentClass() in
	- Added oo2rgb(), rgb2oo(), ooLoadColorMap() in
	- Changed createImageElement() in, allowing easy use in presentation
	  and drawing documents
	- Included Time::Local and File::Temp in the PREREQ_PM
	- Installation procedure is now parametrizable (Makefile.PL)
	- Small changes in the test scripts
	- Added an example and update some other ones
	- Documentation update
	- Created OODoc.pod; removed POD from
1.111	2004-07-11
	- New method to generate unique names for temporary files (
	  due to an incompatibility with Archive::Zip 1.12
	- Added write permission check in the working directory in the save()
	  method (
	- Added the workingDirectory() accessor in the main module
1.109	2004-07-08
	- Removed redundant "use" statements in a test script
	- Small documentation update; no change in the code
1.108	2004-07-08
	- Small documentation update; no change in the code
1.107	2004-07-06
	- Fixed 2 bugs in the setSpan() method (
	- Fixed an encoding issue in a search/replace low level routine (
	- Added getTopParagraph() method (;
	  this method was previously documented but not implemented
	- Added ooDecodeText() and ooEncodeText() in the main module
	- Minor corrections (again) in the documentation
	- Added 2 more examples
1.106	2004-05-27
	- Minor fixes in POD files; no change in the code
1.105	2004-05-26
	- Fixed some local encoding issues in
	- Added the extendText() method in
	- Fixed a style management bug in (appendItem method
	- Added localEncoding() accessor in
	- Test update
	- Added examples/TODO about the localisation of the examples
	- Documentation update
1.104	2004-03-12
	- Added most of the Reference Manual (converted from OOo to POD)
	- Added a POD version of the README (Intro.pod)
	- Added a new example
	- Reorganised some in line comments in POD
	- Included Licence (EN & FR) in the package
1.103	2004-03-09
	- Added comments
	- Added examples
	- Added more installation tests
1.102	2004-03-03
	- Initial CPAN distribution

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