Revision history for OpusVL-Text-Util

0.10      2016-12-23 08:51:11+00:00 Europe/London

        Added new camelcase split function
        Add Jenkins file to do local Jenkins testing.

0.09      2016-11-04 12:04:08+00:00 Europe/London

        Deal with multiline text in the mask function.

0.08      2016-11-03 20:05:27+00:00 Europe/London

        Ensure the minimum perl version is meaningfully set in the dist

0.07      2016-11-03 20:01:50+00:00 Europe/London

        Upped perl version dependency because we are using a language feature only introduced in 5.14

0.06      2016-11-03 16:11:49+00:00 Europe/London

        Added mask_text function.
        Converted to Dist::Zilla for distribution.
        Open Sourced.

0.01    2012-08-16
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.