Revision history for Perl module Ouch 

0.0410 2016-10-19
 - Fixed some bugs related to Travis. Thanks to Zshawn Syed.
 - Fix bugs when working with passed exceptions. Thanks to Flavio Poletti.
 - Remove Build.PL. Thanks to Nick Tonkin, andk, Graham Knop, dcollinsn.

0.0409 2015-01-27
 - Added support for Travis. Thanks to Zshawn Syed.

0.0408 2013-09-24
 - Reformatted the Changes file according to the spec in CPAN::Changes::Spec. Thanks to sergeyromanov who is working on a quest to improve CPAN:

0.0407 2013-09-23
 - Catch subclasses of Ouch as well Thanks to Graham Knop.

0.0406 2013-09-13
 - Ouch doesn't need 5.12 afterall. Just needed to include the correct prereqs for the pragmas. Thanks to MidLifeXis and Ether.

0.0405 2013-08-19
 - worr submitted a patch fixing some a POD error

0.0404 2013-08-19
 - Made Ouch explicitly require Perl 5.12 due to use of "use overload" and "use parent".

0.0403 2013-07-11
 - Fixed documentation misspellings. @richdouglasevans

0.0402 2013-06-18
 - Fixed missing documentation for "barf".
 - Depricated :traditional in favor of Try::Tiny.
 - Documented rethrowing Ouches. 
 - Added more docs for the :trytiny aliases

0.0401 2011-04-30
 - beppu pointed out there was no $VERSION. Told Dist::Zilla to add that.

0.0400 2011-04-30
 - Merged barf() from William Orr.
 - Added an export called ":trytiny" which exports throw(), caught(), and caught_all().

0.0300 2011-04-14
 - Added hug() as a catch all.

 By popular demand:
 - Codes can now be strings.
 - Added an export called 'traditional' which gives you more traditional names like try(), catch(), throw(), and catch_all().

0.0200 2011-04-14
 - Added 'bleep'.

0.0100 2011-04-13
 - Initial public release.