Revision history for Perl extension Ovid.
0.12  Friday May 25 2007
 - Update version regex matcher to reflect the variety of version schemes on CPAN.
   Thanks: Kevin Frost

0.11  Tue May 30 2006
 - Change long deprecated 'Copyright' spec tag to 'License'
   Add '=s' modifier to packager option.
   Thanks:  Richard Siddall
 - Maintain option list in array instead of hash to maintain order.

0.10  Wed May 17 2006
 - Propagate CFLAGS environment variable into spec file.

0.09  Fri Feb 17 2006
  - Updated version parser to handle the v in name-v0.1

0.08  Mon Mar 21 2005
  - Added installdirs option.
  - Removed unused modules Ovid::RunQuiet and Ovid::IORedirector.
  - changed rpm spec file and generated spec files to use
    DESTDIR instead of PERL_INSTALL_ROOT, which is apparently old.
    Thanks: SHLOMIF via RT bugs list
  - changed rpm spec file and generated spec files to ignore *.bs files

0.07  Tue Feb 15 2005
  - Added skip-perl-rpm-modules option. Thanks: Rob Kearey

0,06  Sat Jan 01 2005
  - removed IO redirection. It was just not working well.
  - removed log file options. Not necessary.
  - added ability to list dependencies.
  - generate rpm filename based on CPAN distribution name. Sometimes this matters.

0.05  Wed Dec 08 2004

  -Works with perl 5.6+. Thanks: Steven Ruby

  -expose any CPAN errors.

  -improve documentation
  -Add -i option to ignore certain modules

  -Change -v option to be more standard

  -Remove non-standard loglevel option.

  -avoid perl 5.8 style constant declarations to maintain
   compatibility with older perls.

0.04  Mon Sep 27 2004
  -expand bundles into individual distributions

0.03  Wed Sep  1 2004
  -check for existing rpms, either installed or on disk
  -bug fix to clear out old dependencies

0.02  Mon Aug 16 2004
  - copy sources to rpm source dir.

0.01  Sat Aug 14 13:48:57 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-b 5.6.0 -Xn Ovid