Revision history for Perl module PAUSE::Packages

0.17 2015-10-31 NEILB
    - After looking at CPAN Testers results, realised I was requiring
      Perl 5.10 needlessly. Have tested on 5.8.9, but set required to
      5.8.1, which I suspect is true. Will see if CPAN Testers agrees.

0.16 2015-10-28 NEILB
    - Require at least version 0.93 of File::HomeDir, which is needed
      for my_dist_data(). Thanks to MANWAR for the Pull Request.
    - Added [MetaJSON] to dist.ini so releases will contain a META.json file.
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username.

0.15 2015-03-07 NEILB
    - Set min version of Moo to 1.006 after reading the Changes file for Moo,
      which I should have done before, rather than trust OALDERS :-)

0.14 2015-03-05 NEILB
    - Set minimum version of Moo to 1.004005, to address CPAN Testers fails.

0.13 2015-03-03 NEILB
    - Switch to use JSON::MaybeXS instead of JSON, as the front-end for
      JSON processing. Thanks to ETHER.

0.12 2015-03-02 NEILB
    - Use a cache name which is unique to each URI. (Olaf Alders)

0.11 2015-01-23
    - Adds ua method for providing your own UserAgent.
    - Documents previously secret "url" attribute.

0.10 2014-04-27
    - Updated documentation to describe that you can pass the path
      attribute to the constructor. RT#93965.
    - Noted that the 'path' attribute will split into two in a future release,
      so the cache path and the path to a local copy are separate things,
      as they should be.
    - Dropped use of [MungeFile::WithData] to set package name in
      PAUSE/ -- the 'PAUSE-Packages' resulted in broken
      cache filename when testing from the dev directory. I'm sure there's
      a better way to fix this, but this is easiest for now.
    - Added [Git::Tag] and [Git::Push] to dist.ini

0.09 2014-02-26
    - Added CPAN::Common::Index to SEE ALSO (Thanks ETHER)
    - Added CPAN::PackageDetails to SEE ALSO

0.08 2014-02-22
    - Added 'well_formed' option to release iterator
    - Dropped support for old method name 'next' on ReleaseIterator

0.07 2014-01-05
    - ReleaseIterator method next() renamed to next_release().
      The old name will be retained for a while, for back compat.
    - Added THALJEF's new module Parse::CPAN::Perms to SEE ALSO.

0.06 2013-11-26
    - Still had entry_iterator() function, which was referring to
      PAUSE::Packages::EntryIterator. Caused failures due to missing

0.05 2013-10-16
    - Specified min version of perl in each module

0.04 2013-10-12
    - Added a release() method, which takes a dist name and returns
      a PAUSE::Packages::Release for the latest release of that dist.

0.03 2013-09-20
    - Changed SYNOPSIS and doc to make it clear that you should require at
      least version 0.02 of PAUSE::Packages,
      given the changes from 0.01 to 0.02
    - Added SEE ALSO section with links to

0.02 2013-09-13
    - Now process 02packages and transform into a format where all modules
      in a release are encoded in JSON and recorded on one line.
      Thanks to DAGOLDEN for the suggestion to use JSON.
    - We only hold onto the latest release for each dist
    - Dropped EntryIterator as it no longer makes sense

0.01 2013-08-26
    - first release to CPAN