Revision history for Perl module PAUSE::Permissions

0.11 2015-01-25
    - Changed File::Slurp to Path::Tiny. Thanks to MartinMcGrath.
    - Moved t/04-live-module-iterator.t to be a release-only test,

0.10 2014-09-01
    - Documentation fix: 'filename' was changed to 'path' in 0.05.

0.09 2014-04-07
    - Documentation now says you should use 0.08 or later,
      to make sure you get the case-insensitive handling of package names.
    - Using croak() but didn't have "use Carp" - thanks to TOKUHIROM

0.08 2014-03-13
    - Handle package names case-insenstively, as PAUSE now does.
      Based on two bug reports from RJBS (#1, #2 on github).

0.07 2013-12-06
    - Added 'use 5.10.0' to ModuleIterator, as it's using two features
      introduced in 5.10. Thank you CPAN Testers.
    - Added SEE ALSO link to App::PAUSE::CheckPerms

0.06 2013-12-04
    - added module_iterator() method on PAUSE::Permissions,
      which returns an iterator that will loop over 06perms.txt
      returning an instance of PAUSE::Permissions::Module each
      time it's called.

0.05 2013-08-26
    - switched to Moo
    - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES - simplifying things:
        + merged public 'filename' and private '_path' into 'path'.
          If you pass to the constructor, it's where we'll read from,
          other we'll set it based on File::HomeDir->my_dist_data
        + changed 'uri' to 'url', because that's more accurate
        + dropped the 'cachedir' parameter
      Thanks to DAGOLDEN for the suggestions.
    - Added method entry_iterator() which returns an instance of
      PAUSE::Permissions::EntryIterator. Iterates over the whole file.
    - switched from [GitHub::Meta] to [GithubMeta] in dist.ini

0.04 2012-10-21
    - Removed a debugging print statement.

0.03 2012-10-16
    - Forgot to include [AutoPrereqs] and other things in dist.ini,
      so prereqs not getting declared :-(
      Thanks to JWRIGHT

0.02 2012-10-15
    - ANDK's surname was coming out mangled on the umlaut, so using E<ouml>
    - Various documentation tweaks

0.01 2012-10-14
    - initial release to CPAN