2009-05-07  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.21

	* fix "use Parse::RecDescent" into "require" during Build.PL

2009-04-28  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.20

	* Outsourced grammar file into lib/PDF/FDF/Simple/grammar; now
	less double-escaping in the grammar because it's no longer part of
	a quote operator.

	* Provide a precompiled grammar file for faster startup time, can
	be updated with "./Build grammar"

	* for easier development it is still possible to compile the
	grammar at runtime by setting the environment variable

	* new dependency to File::ShareDir

2009-04-26  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.19

	* Grammar fixes provided by Eric Amick.

	* include forgotten tests and example fdf files from 0.18

	* added git repository to META.yml

2009-04-13  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.18

	* Mini synopsis update about accessing single fields.

	* Support for stream objects (RJH and Dave Barter)

	* Add parsing for StemV object (RJH and Dave Barter)

	* parsing optional /Type/* attribute plus unittest (spotted and
	test provided by Rosal Lozada)

	* new dependency to Compress::Zlib

2008-04-24  ss5  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.17

	* Bummer! Now really drop Makefile.PL.

2008-04-24  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.16

	* Switched to yet another accessor class: Class::Accessor::Fast.

	* Fixed deep recursion warnings. Tests for this. Thanks to rafl++.

	* Dropped compatibility Makefile.PL.

2008-04-15  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.15

	* Hex decoding (decode bytes via #\d\d) does not apply to field
	values values inside /V (...), only to literal values. Thanks to
	Eric Amick.

	* Fixed tests to reflect the above hex decoding change.

2008-04-11  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.14

	* Upload problems with 0.13

2008-04-06  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.13

	* More grammar enhancements for value arrays and for strange ID
	attribute values from Eric Amick.

	* Tests for new grammar changes and the xref changes from v0.12.

	* Tests for the accessor change in v0.12, that I forgot in the

2008-03-22  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.12

	* Switched from Class::MethodMaker to Class::Accessor, because I
	didn't like the pollution with lots of variants of my accessors
	that all do the same. Feel free to complain about this step. If
	you convince me, I might switch back. :-)

	* Grammar enhancement to handle xrefs. Provided by Eric Amick.

	* whitespace/tab cleanup
2007-07-11  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* 0.11

	* added attribute_ufile() which handles the /UF attribute
	generated by Acro8; reported by Ed Cole.

	* small grammar tweak for slightly different Acro8 files; reported
	by Ed Cole.

	* more tests, code cleanup, docs
2005-12-18  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* 0.10

	* fixed incorrect SYNOPSIS regarding attribute_file and
	attribute_id; reported by Brian Bay.

2005-11-13  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* 0.09

	* fixed parsing file attribute (/F couldn't handle real world
	filenames with spaces and parens); reported by Ed Cole

2005-11-10  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* 0.08

	* fixed parsing fields with missing values (missing /V in fdf);
	reported by Ed Cole.

	* save now also accepts an explicit filename argument

2005-08-02  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* 0.07

	* Test::Distribution and Test::Pod::Coverage only used if
	explicitely required, because I don't want to fail remote
	installation due to those modules, which might change in future.

2005-06-03  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* 0.06

	* The Parser now also works without initial version header in FDF
	file. This seems to be needed in FDFs that were submitted from
	Acrobat to an URL (e.g., a CGI script); reported by Christopher P

	* undefined values are converted into empty strings ('') when fdf
	is generated (and/or saved), to avoid "uninitialized value"
	warnings. To avoid this, set option "skip_undefined_fields" to a
	true value (default is false); then fields whose value is
	undefined are skipped.

	* Test framework now uses Test::More (plus Test::Pod::Coverage and
	Test::Distribution if available).

2004-10-22  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* More speed changes

	* Version 0.05, because of wrong place of 0.04-files in my CPAN dir

2004-10-21  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* speedup grammar by about 45%

	* attribute_file() and attribute_id() for getting/setting
	the /F and /ID attributes as suggested by David Thomas.

	* parser extension that reflects those attributes

	* tests

	* parsing of content in blocks of "non-problematic" characters.
	This gives less "Deep recursion" warnings.

	* Version 0.04

2004-08-10  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* as_string() method

	* Version 0.03

2004-05-21  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* Doc minor cleanup

2004-05-21  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* Renamed to PDF::FDF::Simple

	* Parser fixes with newline handling

	* Version 0.02

2004-05-17  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@webit.de>

	* first official version
	* Version 0.01