Revision history for Perl extension PDF::Reuse::Tutorial.

0.11  Thu Jul 28 2005
      Removed much of the examples with JavaScript, as they don't work under Acrobat 7.0

0.10  Mon May 10 2004
      Changed a few examples to show right adjustment and hyperlinks.

0.09  Tue Feb 3 2004
      Restructured the contents a little. Added a snippet of code to extract the
      programs etc. from the POD. Added a warning about JavaScript and webpdf.api
      Moved examples from PDF::Reuse here.

0.08  Tue Nov 11 2003
      Updated with the new parameters for forms and images from 
      PDF::Reuse version 0.18
0.07  Thu Oct 23 2003
      Added an example about "Filling in a form without 
      spending a fortune"
0.06  Wed Sep 3 2003
      A new example about how to produce bookmarks. Also
      an example how to make "individual" popup menus.
0.05  Sun Aug 17
     Added 3 examples with links
0.04  Thu June 5
   - Changed last example to use PDF::Reuse::Barcode and
     let it show 3 different barcode images
0.03  Mon May 12 18:33:00 2003
   - Added a little section about how to run PDF::Reuse
     from Progress
0.02  Wed Apr 30 14:52:00 2003
   - Added a little section about how to make a simple 
     COM/ActiveX wrapper around PDF::Reuse
0.01  Tue Apr  8 15:20:31 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-AX PDF::Reuse::Tutorial