2.013 2019-12-12
- fix for pre-5.20
- Fix documentation for linecolor to reflect actual usage - thanks @d-lamb

2.012 (released 2-Dec-2019)
 - Stabilization release incorporates many smaller bug fixes

2.011_04 - development release toward 2.012
 - be quiet in the case that the gnuplot died before destruction
   ( makes everything quieter for forked processes )
  - remove spurious warnings for 'pc' and 'pcp' plot options

2.011_03 - development release toward 2.012
 - anti-aliasing for JPEG and GIF terminals
2.011_02 - developmenet release toward 2.012
 - taking potshots at the Cygwin problem.  Set ms_io_braindamage for cygwin.

2.011_01 - development release toward 2.012
 - Add collision logic for 'clut', 'pc', and 'pcp' plot options
 - Reset more state in multiplots (xrange & yrange), avoiding a problem
     where image axis range state leaked into subsequent panels
 - Enable post-facto antialiasing for select terminals (notably pngcairo)

2.011 (released 2-April-2017)
 - Add support for PDL::Transform::Color, including photometric palettes
     (new "pseudocolor" and "perceptual" plot options)
 - Fix a regexp typo that was preventing some chatter from being suppressed under MS Windows

2.009 (released 24-Feb-2017)

 - fix typo in Makefile.PL metadata (issue #63/64)

2.008 Codename: oops (released 23-Feb-2017)

 - Removed trailing _000 from version

 - Required Alien::Gnuplot version 1.031 (fixes a bug with terminal ID)
2.07 Codename: Winter (released 23-Feb-2017)

 - More fixes to documentation (d-lamb's description of transparent fill)

 - Fix whitespace in the makefile.pl

 - Fix issues 57 & 61 (freezing on newer windows releases); probably also fixes 56.

 - fix issue 60 (problems with reset command making gnuplot5rc2 fail)

2.06 Codename: Fall released 1-Nov-2015

 - Minor fixes to documentation

 - Plots to output files now go to a sensible default location in the CWD,
   rather than to gnuplot's stdout.  

2.005 Codename: Spring released 6-May-2015

 - Workaround for deprecation of cairo library in MacOS 10.5

 - Correctly identify gnuplot 5.0

2.004 Codename: Dima released 20-Dec-2014

 - fixed a bug that caused version sensing to fail for alpha-builds of gnuplot.

 - Minor updates to plot option parsing (switching more options to accept hashes).

 - Several minor bug fixes.

2.003 Codename: Bug fixes released 17-Sep-2014

 - Added support for 'qt' terminal (thanks to Luis Mochan!)

 - wxt is marked as an interactive terminal ("int=>1").

 - ASCII handles NaN/binary correctly (works around gnuplot's inability to parse "NaN")

 - Curve options are not cumulative (except for "with") within a plot.

 - Deprecation of gnuplot 4.4-4.5 is now more strident

2.002 Codename: Refinements

 - removed (x|y|x2|y2|z|t)range curve options -- only plot options are supported for range spec.
   (This removes some weird corner cases in argument parsing, and doesn't affect normal plotting).

 - more permissive terminal option parsing -- omit terminal name to get the default terminal.

 - Moved changes from POD to CHANGES file

2.001 Unknown Release Date Codename: Minor Fixes

 - use object oriented checks for PDL type of arguments

2.0 Unknown Release Date Codename: Alien-Gnuplot

 - Use Alien::Gnuplot for initial contact and global configuration

 - Don't complain about 'with'-modifiers

 - Several edge-case bugs fixed (thanks, Dima)

 - Colorspec parsing is better (and regularized with a procedure call)

 - SIGPIPE crashes fixed (mixing gnuplot and forking used to be dangerous)

 - internal representation of tics specifiers is better

 - better handling of tics when x2 or y2 is specified

 - better handling of images when x2 or y2 is specified

1.5 Unknown Release Date Codename: Curve Option Cornucopia

 - complex 'with' specifiers are deprecated.

 - curve options exist for plot variants (line color etc.)

 - lines are dashed, by default

 - windows don't persist, by default

 - bad value support

 - fixed a justify problem

 - several minor cross-platform issues

1.4 Unknown Release Date Codename: Works on Windows (ick)

 - Many thanks to Chris Marshall and Juergen Mueck, who both tested endless variants as
   we troubleshot bizarre IPC problems under Microsoft Windows with Strawberry Perl.

 - default to ascii data transfer under Microsoft Windows (Juergen's hang issue)

 - do better at ignoring chatter on Microsoft Windows (intercept ascii data prompts with a regexp)

 - clean up test reporting

 - deprecate gnuplot <4.6 and issue warning (and accommodate some missing keywords)

 - autoranging fix

 - read_polygon fix

 - Many small tweaks to make Microsoft Windows support better

 - Updates to POD documentation

 - Improved terminfo reporting

 - mouse-enabled default terminals are detected properly (e.g. 'x11').

 - includes "imag" and "points" for people who are used to PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT.

 - more careful I/O handling in the pipe

 - Improved interrupt handling

 - Sends output to gnuplot in chunks if necessary (gets around choking limitations on some platforms)

 - Allows specifying different commands than just "gnuplot" via environment variable GNUPLOT_BINARY.

 - Detects available terminal types from Gnuplot on initial startup.

 - supports m?tics options with hash syntax

1.3 Unknown Release Date Codename: Compatibility

 - Tests do not fail on v4.2 Gnuplot (still used on BSD)

 - Better error messages in common error cases

 - Several Microsoft Windows compatibility fixes (thanks, Sisyphus!)

1.2 Unknown Release Date Codename: first working release

 - Handles communication better on Microsoft Windows (MSW has brain damage).

 - Improvements in documentation

 - Handles PDF output in scripts

 - Handles 2-D and 1-D columns in 3-D plots (grid vs. threaded lines)

0.01 Unknown Release Date Codename: first release

 - Handles communication with command echo on the pipe (for Microsoft Windows)

 - Better gnuplot error reporting

 - Fixed date range handling