Revision history for PDL-IO-Dcm

0.01    2016-12-19
        * First version, already quite mature but needs further testing

0.9	2016-12-20
	* This is a release candidate for v1.0

	* uploaded this version to PAUSE.

0.9001	* reduced verbose output ( #say ...)

	* Removed /r switch from regular expressions for backwards compatibility
	* better fromatting of list values in text header

0.9002	2017-1-18

	* renamed -n to -i, since there seem complaints about ambiguous options, heh?

	* new switch -p to force split on slice groups, otherwise it tries to force-stack
	  them, if dims allow. Split data sets have empty entries in the respective dimension.
	  Need to find an elegant way to compact data.
	* load_dims has now an option reference as second parameter instead of the id-code.

	* new function is_equal 

0.9100	2017-1-19

	* split dims are now compact, no empty entries any more

0.9_200 * PDL::IO::Dcm::Plugin::MRI_Siemens created. Other such plugins can be provided to
	  handle other data. Two functions should be exproted: populate_header and setup

	* printStruct is moved to

	* default grouping to Dicom series number handled in, set option
	  id to point to \&sort_series.

0.10	2017-1-20

	* moved more stuff to Plugins, hopefully the interface is clean, now?

	* Created a Plugins/Primitive, sorting simply on instance number. This should
	  be general enough to load any data?

	* adapted to load plugins (-u). Default to Primitive. 

	* check for duplicate entries when loading and parsing dicoms.

1.000	* Version confusion! Best increase major.

	* Writes data using flex raw by default, now. 
	* Text header is generated for flexraw and nifit files.

1.001	2017-1-25

	* The header diff element did not contain the reference value, fixed. 

	* added Echo Number, Echo Time, Echo Number(s), Pixel Bandwidth to key_list

	* Integration of PDL::Dims when present and when using PDL::IO::Sereali - started, not used yet. 

	* dcm_key is now Instance Number also for MRISiemens
	* the text header now contains the diff field

1.002	2017-2-2

	* Instance number is not always unique, Primitive handles this now by a second (unsorted) index.

1.003	2017-2.8

	* PDL::Dims in MRISiemens support improved, looks good so far, but needs testing.