Revision history for Perl module PDL::IO::Nifti

0.73 	2014-04-02

    *	added 'ExtUtils::F77' as dependency, based on cpan-testers

0.72	2014-03-31

    *	fixed a typo, causing sometimes problems in repeated use

    *   fixed pod-coverage.t (rmeoved -T switch)

0.70    2013-10-30

    *   Nifti now uses PDL as base class, making use of the PDL hash
        key for the data! This means that any Nifti object is also a
        piddle, this could break code!  

    *   for typemapping, I used get_datatype, but since the numbers seem
        to be rather arbitray, this was changed to using type().

0.60    2013-09-04

    *   important bug fixes

0.52    2013-05-10

    *   First version, released on an unsuspecting world.