Revision history for Perl extension PDL::NetCDFobj

0.01  12/31/97
	- original version

0.03  11/30/98
        - changed interface:  matrix slices indexed with [1,2,3], not long([1,2,3]), 
	  i.e. perl array refs instead of PDLs of type long.

          This helps when on 64 bit platforms--PDL long is not necessarily
	  the same size as the native long used by netCDF as indices (size_t).

          Ported to DEC alpha OSF 4.0

	  Changed name to PDL::NetCDF

0.70  12/16/99
        - Added support in 'get' and 'put' for PDL::Char type PDLs to read/write
          NetCDF character N-dimensional data as strings.  

        - NOW REQUIRES PDL::Char (from a recent PDL version) to work!!

0.78  1/20/2001
        - Added read support for zero dimensional variables (variables with no dimension, just a scalar)
        - Added the ability to reuse an old netCDF object for the 'new' call for similar files.
          This speeds up the reading of many similar netCDF files considerably.

0.81  5/15/2002
        - Added Environment variables NETCDF_LIBDIR and NETCDF_INCDIR which
          you can use to tell where to find netcdf.
0.84  8/28/2002
        - Added PREREQ_PM for PDL version 2.2 or later to satisfy CPANPLUS email.
        - Changed barfs to croaks--give error info from point of view of caller
        - Fixed two bugs in getdimensionnames and gettext:  Failed to check 
          existance of $self->{VARIDS}{$varnm} before making netcdf library call.

0.87  12/30/2003
        - Added the PERL_SCALAR option to allow one to fetch single valued numeric
          attributes and variables as perl scalars, not as PDLs.
        - Added the PDL_BAD option to convert 'missing_value' or '_FillValue' 
          numbers in a netCDF variable as PDL BADVALS.

0.89  04/21/2004
        - Added support for 64 bit little endian machines such as IBM AIX 
          machines.  (Thanks to Jim Edwards).

0.90  04/29/2005
        - Added fix to properly handle get of zero length variable

0.92  11/16/2006
        - Updated to skip tests requiring BAD value support on machines
          where PDL is not compiled with such support.
          Now use Test::More in

0.93  07/27/2007
        - Updated to handle new message from netcdf 3.6.2 for a bogus file

0.94  03/04/2009
        - Changes contributed by Heiko Klein:  Fix bug in which the same file is closed
          and then opened again.  Updated VERSION variable to make it available programatically.

4.01  7/2009
        - Incorporated Changes by Heiko Klein: added netCDF 4 support

4.02  8/3/2009
        - Fix bug found by Brice Lambi.  Add ability to read PDL::Char by slice when
          first dimension is unlimited.

4.03  12/07/2009
         - Fixed documentation bugs

4.04  15/06/2010
         - Changes by Heiko Klein:
		   - Fix bug when reading one line (slice) of string when first
		     dimension is unlimited
	       - Enabling PDL::NetCDF to write variables without dimensions,
		     e.g. projection-attribute variables in CF-1.x convention

4.05  19/10/2010
         - Added SLOW_CHAR_FETCH option to 'new'.  This makes a get of a PDL::Char
           loop over all entries instead of doing one nc_get_var_text.  This is 
           necessary if the character array contains embedded NULLs.

4.06  17/12/2010
         - Added patch from Sisyphus to help this to work on Windows.
           Now test $Config{'ivsize'} instead of $Config{'longsize'}
	   when determining size of offset and count vectors.
4.07  12/30/2010
         - Updated META.yml so CPAN (hopefully) indexes it correctly
4.08  01/31/2011
         Patches from Heiko Klein:
         - Use recursive slicing for PDL::Chars to allow high-dimensional
           string slices
         - Generalize file test to allow OpenDAP to work.
4.09  04/20/2011
         Added setrec/putrec/getrec routines to quickly read/write one element
         from/to a set of 1D variables.  Requested by Robb Kambic of UNIDATA.
4.10  04/21/2011
         Improved setrec/putrec/getrec routines to allow fixed-length character
         variables to be read/written as well as numeric vectors.
4.11  05/05/2011
         Fix due to Sisyphus.  Get rid of '//' operator so it works with perl 5.8.
4.12  05/05/2011
         Fiddling with VERSION to try to get CPAN to index this.  Removed META.yml, 
         commented out 'METAMERGE' in Makefile.PL and add 'our' to $VERSION in netcdf.pd.
4.13  05/06/2011
         Added package PDL::NetCDF to netcdf.pd (suggestion by
         Fiddled with $VERSION to make it more global.  Attempts to get CPAN to index this package!
4.14  08/08/2011
         Changes by Edward Baudrez, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
         - added /usr/lib64 to search path for netCDF library
         - PDL::NetCDF now complains correctly when trying to open a nonexistent file
           and when O_RDONLY is in effect
         - PDL::NetCDF does not create a new, empty file when trying to open a
           nonexistent file and when O_RDONLY is in effect
         - in test suite: sum() < $tol used to pass erroneously with large negative
           values, now checks vector norm instead of sum
4.15  11/28/2011
         Another attempt at indexing on CPAN.  Specify META_MERGE in Makefile.PL to
         set version to 4.15.
4.16  4/27/2012
         Since netcdf-4.20, the NC_NETCDF4 preprocessor variable can no longer be used
         to determine if HDF functionality is compiled in.  No perform a link/run
         test in Makefile.PL to determine if nc_inq_var_deflate is defined or not.
         Use this for the isNetcdf4 function as well.
4.17  3/06/2013
         Since netcdf-4.1, the netcdf-library changes the meaning of nc_sync from
         release internal buffers to make sure everything known is written to disk.
         This slows down writing a lot. PDL::NetCDF no longer calls nc_sync
         automatically (except on close). To ensure writing the file to the disk
         while keeping it open, $nc->sync is now provided.
4.18  9/16/2013
         Added new library path (/usr/local/lib64) and commented out PDL 2.2 requirement.
         Requested by Hernan De Angelis.
4.19  9/16/2013
         Fixed errors in version number to help PAUSE indexer.
4.20  11/18/2013
         Added PREREQ_PM as PDL version 0 to Makefile.PL.