Revision history for Perl extension PGXN::API

0.16.5  2016-06-22T18:03:05Z
      - Fixed a test failure on systems with a non-English locale, thanks to
        Slaven Rezić (issue #25).
      - Fixed test failures on Windows.

0.16.4  2016-06-15T16:10:33Z
      - Fixed a bug where v1.0.0 Semantic Versions were not matched in synced
        file names and directories.
      - Fixed a bug that tried to read an extension JSON file case-sentiively.
      - Fixed test failures due to a change in the generation of JSONP
        responses in Plack 1.0031.
      - Fixed a bug where the "pgxnbod" ID of a cleaned HTML element could be
        removed if the last element in the body was removed.

0.16.3  2013-06-19T06:31:51Z
      - Updated URI::Template to v0.16 for its support for `{+var}` and
        dropped the nasty hack required to work around the lack of it in
        earlier versions.
      - Updated GitHub URLs to point to `/pgxn/` rather than `/theory/`.
      - Fixed a bug on the HTML documentation table of contents generator
        where it would choke on finding an `h1` after an `h3`.
      - Fixed test failures due to a change in the API of Email::Sender.
      - Removed the Pod tests from the distribution.
      - Eliminated smartmatch warnings on Perl 5.18.

0.16.2  2012-02-14T06:46:47Z
      - Empty Documentation files are no longer indexed or displayed.
      - All files extracted from distribution zip files into the source
        directory are now globally readable. This behavior eliminates
        permissions errors when the user that serves the files is different
        than the one that unzipped them.
      - Files specified in the `docfile` key are now ignored if Text::Markup
        does not recognize them, since they cannot then be parsed for serving
        as HTML.
      - Worked around an [Archive::Zip
        bug]( when reading
        the README file for indexing.

0.16.1  2012-01-10T04:30:02Z
      - Added `version_string` class method to PGXN::API. It should always be
        used for displaying the version.
      - Added `Capfile` for capistrano deployment.
      - Added `eg/debian_init`, an example init script for Debian that runs
        PGXN::API on Starman.
      - Added `eg/pgxn_sync`, an example shell script that syncs from a local
        master mirror.

0.16.0  2011-08-26T17:29:00Z
      - Eliminated "Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry" warning
        when indexing a user with no associated URI.
      - If an version of an extension is deleted from the mirror extension
        JSON file, it will now also be deleted from the API doc root's
        extension JSON file (Issue #8).
      - Requiring Text::Markup 0.13, as it has an important fix for parsing
      - Upgraded from KinoSearch to Lucy.

0.15.0  2011-05-12T18:40:43
      - Changed the JSONP callback parameter from "jsonp" to "callback".

0.14.1  2011-05-12T18:11:02
      - Changed mentions of `pgxn_apid` to the correct `pgxn_api_server` in
        `pgxn_api_server` docs.
      - Backported to support Perl 5.10.

0.14.0  2011-05-03T00:09:13
      - Now require Plack 0.9977 to enable JSONP for all JSON file requests.
      - Fixed test failures on systems where `rsync` is not in the path.
      - Replaced `pgxn_api.psgi` with `pgxn_api_server`. The latter uses
        proper command-line processing and includes all of the functionality
        of `plackup`.

0.13.0  2011-04-30T20:40:21
      - The "name" and "user_name" fields are now full-text indexed in the
        "docs", "dists", and "extensions" indexes. This will allow a search
        such as `user:theory` to return results.

0.12.9  2011-04-30T20:01:29
      - Fixed a test failure in `t/indexer.t` on case-sensitive file systems.
      - Removed use of `env perl` in the `t/bin/testrscync` script. Just use
        `/usr/bin/perl -w` instead and let it be any Perl, not just 5.12.
        Should prevent failures on systems that don't allow arguments to `env`
        and where the system Perl is different than the installating Perl.
      - Added Data::Dump to list of requirements. Was inadvertently omitted.

0.12.8  2011-04-29T21:21:13
      - Some documentation tweaks.
      - First release to CPAN.

0.12.7  2011-04-28T22:28:31
      - Fixed a bug where an updated root `index.json` updated on the mirror
        was not likewise getting updated in the API root.
      - Moved the default `index.html` file so that it will be installed and
        findable when PGXN::API is installed from CPAN.
      - Added a link to the API docs to the default `index.html` file.
      - Renamed the `{char}` variable in the `userlist` URI template to
        `{letter}`, since it better describes the value (an ASCII letter a-z).
      - Search parameters must be submitted via a GET request.

0.12.6  2011-04-27T18:52:18
      - Eliminated "Use of uninitialized variable in soubroutine" warning when
        indexing extensions with no abstract.
      - Allow an optional trailing backslash on search URLs (since the
        template includes one).
      - Add new "special files" to detect: INSTALL, LICENSE, COPYING, and
      - Changed search results content type from `text/json` to
      - Enabled JSONP for search requests.
      - Changed tests to use `.zip` ending for downloads instead of `.pgz`.

0.12.5  2011-04-25T18:07:27
      - The directory name in which browsable distribution source files are
        unzipped is now always lowercase.
      - Fixed the primary key in the for distributsions, docs and extension in
        the search index to always be lowercased.
      - Distribution names and versions are now always lowercase in verbose

0.12.4  2011-04-25T16:59:36
      - The prefix in zip files is now assumed to be lowercase, as
        PGXN::Manager v0.12.4 enforces.

0.12.3  2011-04-25T16:35:28
      - When searching for "special files", the indexer now looks for files
        ending in ".in" if it doesn't find them without the ".in". Suggested
        by Daniele Varrazzo.
      - Always user lowercase disttribution names, versions, extension names,
        tags, and nicknames in in URI templates. They're still displayed with
        case preserved inside files and the index.

0.12.2  2011-04-22T18:51:42
      - Changed the media type of many more files served from `src` to
        text/plain. This is both for security reasons and so that files that
        are plain text open in the browser rather than prompt to download.

0.12.1  2011-04-20T23:41:26
      - Fixed rsync log parsing to properly detect when a file has been
        changed. Previously, the code was only noticing new files.

0.12.0  2011-04-20T05:35:52
      - Requests should now all be returned with an appropriate
        `Content-Length` header.
      - Added the `userlist` URI template and the code to generate the user
        lists to Indexer. It's set off at the end of a sync.
      - Now update user JSON files whenever they're updated on the mirror.
        Previously, a user JSON file was only updated when the user released a
        distribtion. But now user JSON files can be updated independently, and
        for users with no distributions at all. So we notice updated user JSON
        files and properly merge them into the doc root and update them in the
        full text index.
      - Renamed the `doc` URI template to `htmldoc`, in case we ever decide to
        offer other doc formats via the API.
      - Renamed the path to a doc from `doc` to `docpath` in the extension
        JSON and the `provides` hashes. This better distinguishes it from the
        `docfile` key in the `provides` section of the meta spec. The
        `htmldoc` URI template gets its variable renamed to `docpath`, as

0.11.0  2011-04-13T02:25:37
      - Fixed the search API to throw a 400 for invalid queries: Missing
        query, or a query with a value of "*" or "?".
      - Changed the search URI template from "/search" to "/search/{in}/", as
        the thing to be searched is required in the URI.
      - Made the regular expression matching stats URIs stricter. It now
        matches `(?:dist|tag|user|extension|summary)` rather than `[^/]+?`.
      - Added a `.html` version of the spec to the API doc root, parsed from
        the MultiMarkdown `.txt` file copied from the mirror.

0.10.0  2011-04-11T23:41:16
      - Removed PGXN::API::Stats. The same data is now generated by
        PGXN::Manager 0.11.0.
      - Updated sync to properly copy the new stats files from the mirror root,
        as well as the new spec file.
      - Updated sync to update the root `index.json` only if it has changed.
        It will of course also be created on the first sync to a new doc root.
      - Changed sync to load templates from the mirror root instead of relying
        on those loaded from the doc root by PGXN::API. This is because the
        latter won't exist before we start parsing the `rsync` log file, and
        may need updating even if it does exist.

0.9.0   2011-04-06T04:18:53
      - Requests for a dist, extension, user, or tag URI ending in "/" instead
        or ".json" (as in "/tag/pair/" instead of "/tag/pair.json") now
        returns the JSON file.
      - Added PGXN::API::Stats. It's used during sync to generate stats for
        all the objects managed by the API (distributions, users, extensions,
        and tags).

0.8.0   2011-04-02T20:32:02
      - Documentation and README documents now have their white space
        normalized to single spaces before indexing. This allows highlighting
        to work better in result sets. Suggested by Marvin Humphrey.
      - The PGXN::API::Searcher object used by the router is now maintained
        across requests, rather than created a new for every call to the
        /search API. This is because PGXN::API::Searcher v0.7.1 properly
        reconnects in the event of a changed index, so we don't have to worry
        about it here.
      - Fixed the `uri` and `email` fields in the user search index so that
        they are both stored *and* indexed. They were previously just indexed,
        and so might be missing from search results.

0.7.0   2011-03-31T20:55:51
      - Added "search" URI template to the API server's `/index.json`.
      - Added full documentation.
      - The indexer now respects the `no_index` key in the meta file.
        Specifically, it will ignore any documentation files that match the
        no_index spec. They won't be indexed.
      - Changed the default `mirror_root` subdirectory from "pgxn" to
      - Added query parameter validation to the `/search` API. Any invalid
        parameters now return 400.
      - Restored required index specification to the search API path, rather
        than a query parameter. So `/search` is now a 404. Use `/search/docs`
        instead. Can also use `/search/dists`, `/search/extensions`,
        `/search/users`, and `/search/tags`.
      - To be in sync with the above, the search indexes now have plural names
        rather than singular.
      - Fixed "Cannot copy directory" errors in tests when run from a

0.6.9   2011-03-29T04:43:53
      - Fixed option processing in `pgxn_api.psgi` so that it deals only with
        the options we care about. Otherwise it fails to start when running
        under Starman.

0.6.8   2011-03-29T04:18:30
      - Added X-PGXN-API-Version header to all HTTP responses.
      - Added required `errors_to` and `errors_from` parameters to the router.
      - Added required `errors_to` and `errors_from` options to
        `pgxn_api.psgi`, as well as the `doc_root` option.
      - Added the `--root` option to `pgxn_api_sync`.

0.6.7   2011-03-29T02:18:01
      - Moved the doc path in the extension JSON file under the release status

0.6.6   2011-03-29T01:13:48
      - Changed `{+path}` in the doc URI template to `{+doc}`, since that
        will be more meaningful in other contexts.
      - Added the `doc` key to the `provides` hashes in the distribution
        metadata. It contains the doc path (as used by the doc URI template)
        to the doc with the same base name as the provided extension.
      - Added the `doc` key to the extension search index, so it's easy to
        link to the documentation page from extension search results.

0.6.5   2011-03-28T03:57:52
      - The search API no longer fails when only "q" query parameter is
      - Added a 500 error handler that sends an email on error.

0.6.4   2011-03-28T03:07:13
      - Updated for PGXN::API::Searcher v0.6.1. 
      - Now only one search URL, `/search`. The index is specified via the
        `in` query parameter.

0.6.3   2011-03-28T02:08:01
      - Updated for new URI template names in PGXN::Manager v0.10.4.
      - Updated tests for new default metadata URI template paths.

0.6.2   2011-03-26T05:29:36
      - Search requests go to /search instead of /by. The latter is used for
        metadata files.
      - Fixed another "Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry" warning
        from the indexer.

0.6.1   2011-03-26T04:12:42
      - Fixed error in indexer for distributions with no tags.
      - Fixed "Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry" warnings from
        the full text indexer in PGXN::API::Indexer.
      - Fixed user name in distribution full text index so that it's not the
        same name for all users.

0.6.0   2011-03-26T03:14:12
      - The /src directory is now served with Plack::App::Directory, so that a
        listing of the files in a directory will be presented. Elsewhere,
        directory requests return a 404.
      - Added full-text search indexing. Requests go to /by.

0.5.5   2011-03-17T23:07:43
      - Changed doc JSON to have a hash for each value: a title and an
        abstract (if there is one).

0.5.4   2011-03-17T00:08:30
      - Updated to work with new default URI templates deployed in
        PGXN::Manager 0.10.2.

0.5.3  2011-03-16T03:16:27
      - Changed doc template to use `{+path}` instead of `{doc}`, so that
        slashes will not be encoded. This isn't strictly-speaking supported by
        URI::Template yet, so for now we set the variable as `+path` and
        prevent URI::Escape from escaping slashes.

0.5.2   2011-03-15T22:23:56
      - HTML documents are now properly written out at UTF-8, instead of as
        raw bytes.
      - The doc parser no longer autovivifies doc file names into the
        "provides" has of the version metadata file.

0.5.1   2011-03-15T21:44:07
      - The sync code now updates the mirror meta after `rsync`ing but before
        doing anything else. It was fetching a template first, and this caused
        errors on the first sync because the `index.json` had not yet been
        copied to the document root.

0.5.0   2011-03-15T21:24:59
      - The URI templates are now read from the doc root rather than the
        mirror root, so that the API-specific templates stored there will be
        visible to the app.
      - Added documentation parsing. Docs are read by Text::Markup and
        converted to HTML. The HTML is cleaned up, unwanted stuff removed, and
        a table of contents added. They are then written to a file represented
        by the new "doc" URI template. They are also listed in the versioned
        distribution metadata, suitable for for formatting into a URI via the
        template. README files are included in this formatting treatment.

0.4.1   2011-03-11T23:42:38
      - Fixed a bug introduced in 0.4.0 where the /by/user and /by/tag files
        were overwriting release data from other distributions, thereby
        removing their abstracts. We now update the release data only for the
        currently-processing distribution.

0.4.0   2011-03-11T23:23:12
      - Added the "special_files" key to the distribution metadata file. It
        includes paths to `README`, `META.json`, `Changes`, `Makefile`, and
        other special files in the distribution.
      - Moved unzipped source directories under a subdirectory named for the
        distribution. That is, rather than `/src/pair-0.1.1/`, we now have
      - Make sure that the `/by/dist` file has the latest *stable* version
        listed as the version. Only make it a testing version if there is no
        stable version, and an unstabe version only if there is no stable or
        testing version.
      - Fixed bugs in release data merging in the `/by/user` and `/by/tag`
        files. The old code had relied too much on what was in the
        distribution. Since the only additional data point over the mirrored
        original is an abstract, we can just rely on the mirror data to be
        correct and add the abstract. This simplifies the code quite a bit, in

0.3.2   2011-03-10T21:53:17
      - Updated to work with PGXN::Manager 0.10.0 output. In particular,
        "owners" are now known as "users" and "release_date" is now known as
        "date". The relevant methods and data have been chagned to reflect
        this change.

0.3.1 2011-03-10T00:28:36
      - Updated to work with PGXN::Manager 0.9.1 output.

0.3.0 2011-03-09T22:18:16
      - Updated to work with PGXN::Manager 0.9.0 output.

0.2.0   2011-03-03T01:09:42
      - No longer serve directory indexes.
      - Added tests for the router.
      - Serve distribution files with content-type application/zip.
      - Added `var/index.html`, placeholder for a root-level HTML file.

0.1.0   2011-03-02 23:58:41
      - Initial version.
      - Syncs to mirror.
      - Merges metadata to API doc root.
      - Has PSGI to serve static files from the doc root.