Revision history for Perl extension PGXN::Site

0.10.3  2013-11-06T07:22:46Z
      - Updated Dalibo logo.
      - Removed sponsors from the home page. Now showing the five most recent
        releases, instead.
      - Removed Pod tests from the distribution.

0.10.2  2013-06-19T06:35:03Z
      - Distribution links in the user page now include the version, so that
        it links to the latest version of the distribution released by the
        user, rather than the latest released by any user.
      - Replaced use of the smartmatch operator with List::Util::first so as
        to eliminate deprecation warnings from Perl 5.18.

0.10.1  2012-12-12T07:31:22Z
      - Added an Nginx configuration example to the mirroring page.
      - Updated GitHub URLs to point to `/pgxn/` rather than `/theory/`
        (RT #79085).
      - Set `=encoding` for Pod in PGXN::Site::Locale (RT #79086).
      - Updated tagline for sponsor Younicycle.
      - Fixed test failure due to change in behavior in Email::Sender.

0.10.0  2012-01-10T04:37:24Z
      - Updated links in the About page.
      - Reversed the display of the browse and download icons for
        distributions listed on the user page. This is so that they are in the
        same order as on the distribution page. Per gripe from Marti Raudsepp.
      - Now showing an error page when the `in` parameter to `/search` is
        missing, rather than throwing an exception and returning 500.
      - Added Email::MIME, Email::Sender::Simple, and Software::License to the
        list of requirements. The were inadvertently omitted.
      - Added all core and Plack modules to the list of requirements, just to
        be safe.
      - Switched to 12 tag cloud sizes and enabled the CSS for the sizes, now
        that PGXN has enough tags to make it interesting.
      - Added Identity page a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
        Unported License, description of fonts, and links to original art
      - Added `Capfile` for capistrano deployment.
      - Added `eg/debian_init`, an example init script for Debian that runs
        PGXN::Site on Starman.
      - Updated the question about a command-line client in the FAQ to point
        to the client that was actually implemented, rather than the client
        that was never written.

0.7.4   2011-05-18T17:54:32
      - The router tests are now skipped if PGXN::API::Searcher is not

0.7.3   2011-05-18T17:44:31
      - Fixed alignment of definition list items on user page. Reported by
        Daniele Varrazzo (Issue #1).

0.7.2   2011-05-16T20:35:12
      - Added Router::Resource to list of requirements. Was inadvertently
      - Multiword tags in the tag cloud no longer wrap across lines.

0.7.1   2011-05-12T18:11:02
      - Added `use blib` to `pgxn_site_server` so that the server will always
        find the HTML files generated from the MultiMarkdown source files.
      - Added namespace::autoclean to prerequisites. Its omission was
      - Backported to support Perl 5.10.

0.7.0   2011-05-03T02:40:50
      - Replaced the gradient background image wih one that uses dithering.
        This'eliminates banding in the image, which the eagle-eyed Marti
        Raudsepp noticed and was kind enough to fix.
      - Added Test::File::Contents to the build prerequisites. Its omission
        was an oversight.
      - Replaced `pgxn_site.psgi` with `pgxn_site_server`. This program wraps
        the functionality of `plackup` to do proper option processing.

0.6.5   2011-04-30T20:04:44
      - Added Data::Dump to list of requirements. Was inadvertently omitted.

0.6.4   2011-04-29T21:54:44
      - Documentation tweaks.
      - First release on CPAN.

0.6.3   2011-04-27T18:52:18
      - The distribution page now shows the distribution name with the case
        preserved as found in the distribution metadata file.

0.6.2   2011-04-25T16:35:28
      - Fixed offsetting of the "Abstract" item below "Other Releases" in the
        distribution metadata section of the distribution file. Seen in
        Firefox on Ubuntu.
      - All distribution and extension names and versions, as well as tags and
        user nicknames, are now lowercased for use in URIs.

0.6.1   2011-04-22T18:51:42
      - Improved the styling of table headers, as seen in `/spec/` and
        documentation HTML.
      - Added a note under the "Distributions" header for users who have yet
        to release a distribution.
      - Added redirect from `/meta/spec.html` to the new URL, `/spec/`.
      - Added links to the Google group to the About and FAQ pages.
      - Made the background tranparent in `code` elements inside tables.

0.6.0   2011-04-20T05:35:52
      - Requests should now all be returned with an appropriate
        `Content-Length` header.
      - A search request with no query parameter now redirects back to the
        home page or, if it's on the same site, the referring page.
      - Load users starting with a letter from the new "userlist" API.
      - Updated for PGXN::API v0.12.0, notably changed method names for
        fetching HTML documentation files in WWW::PGXN and doc path keys.

0.5.1   2011-04-13T18:12:57
      - Added the PGXN::Site version string as a query parameter to the CSS
        URLs. This should force them to be reloaded after the release of any
        new version by browsers that would otherwise cache them.
      - Fixed the display of the table of contents sidebar on the
        documentation page on Firefox. Per gripe from depesz.
      - Moved the HTML rendering of the spec to /spec/.

0.5.0   2011-04-13T02:25:37
      - An invalid search query, such as "*", "", or "?", now returns a 400
      - Removed `robots.txt` route. This baby's going live tomorrow!
      - Changed tags on home page to all be the same size and color. Just for
        now, while there are a limited number of tags all with only one
        associated distribution. It looks awful when they're all huge and red.
      - Using the user's profile page for the Gravatar link URL if the user
        has specified no URL.
      - Added documentation for all controller action methods.
      - Added Meta Spec pages (HTML and text).

0.4.0   2011-04-11T23:41:16
      - Updated tag cloud and recent releases code to rely on the new files
        generated by PGXN::Manager 0.11.0.
      - Added the version to the footer.
      - Added summary stats to the About page.

0.3.0  2011-04-07T18:19:55
      - Renamed "backers" to "donors".

0.2.0   2011-04-07T18:02:50
      - Fixed some URIs so that they no longer reveal private URLs from behind
        a proxy server. That is, all local URLs should be relative to the
        document root, and not contain the scheme or host name.
      - Added Gravatar to user page.
      - Added `reverse_proxy` option, so that the default gravatar URL will
        work properly for proxied servers.
      - Added tag cloud to the home page.
      - Added page with list of recent releases.

0.1.0   2011-04-03T20:24:35
      - Initial version.