Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::DBIAgent. -*-text-*-

0.25 Doc cleanups. Code cleanups.

0.24 Added patches from fluffle on #poe to add support for
     returning rows in batches instead of one at a time.  This is a
     performance speedup, in most cases.

0.23 Internal revision

0.22 Internal revision

0.21 Forgot to add the parameter passing code in the main to complete
     cookie support.  The HELPER understood it... <sigh>

0.20 Reworked the query() syntax.  Added an optional parameter hash to
     query(), which obsoleted query_slow in favor of delay => 1.  Also
     added query cookies, to facilitate more advanced query handling.
     Added option to return hashref rows instead of listrefs.

0.15 Added query_slow method.  This introduces a 1ms delay between
     each row of output.  The REASON is that if you are concurrently
     handling many handles/sockets, the DBI output won't monopolize
     all traffic, making everybody else wait.

     Updated queue management so that when agents finish their
     queries, they move to the head of the line for the next query.

     Manages query concurrency MUCH better.  If more queries are run
     than there are agents, queries are spooled and then run as agents
     complete their jobs and are freed.

0.14 Finally got rid of Filter::Line!  All communication from the
     component to the agents is now via Filter::Reference... woo-hoo!

0.13 Added finish() method to signal helper shutdown.

0.12 POE changed the syntax for calling POE::Wheel::Run.  So, syntax updated.

0.11 Initial release, part 2... this one saw daylight. :-)

0.10 Initial release, but it was my first time using PAUSE, so it never saw daylight.