Revision history for POE-Component-DirWatch
0.300004 Sep 29, 2016
         don't ship MYMETA.json or MYMETA.yml

0.300003 Jan 29, 2015
         add one second to pauseresume.t (thanks itcharlie)

0.300002 Jan 19, 2015
         RT#90967: use Class::Load instead of Class::MOP (thanks zoffixznet)
         use https for github url instead of http (thanks dolmen)
         disable export of Moose sugar (thanks itcharlie)

0.300001 May 17, 2012
         Update link to not require auth

0.300000 Oct 21, 2010
         Fixed test typo
         Updated some POD typos

0.200000 Oct 24, 2008
         Fixed a bug that was appearing with Modified due to Signature weirdness
         Updated some POD
         added _generate_signature method to the Signatures role
         improve all tests and fix rare fail due to incorrect HiRes usage

0.100000 Jan 17, 2008
         Initial Release