Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::Server::FTP.

0.08 Fri Nov 09 2007
    - "When connecting to the server and enabling passive mode, the port
       returned to the client reports the upper 8 bits of the 2-byte port range
       as a 16-bit number." -Eric Rybski, Thanks Eric!

0.07 Wed Mar 21 2007
	- Fixed typo in MDTM, and SIZE
    - Added prereq for POE
    - Fix spelling of scheme. It still supports the old spelling 'Sceme' :(
0.06 Sun Apr 18 19:56:25 2004
	- Fixed bug that killed the server if a datasession connection wasn't made and _drop was called
	- Now we depend on v0.04 of Filesys::Virtual

0.05 Sun Apr 18 13:57:50 2004
	- Fixed a bug related to using PASV and bandwidth limiting
	- Added version to example
	- XSEN command support added, calls xsen event, return undef if not allowed
	- Fixed a bug that didn't flush the response before disconnecting,
		via a timeout or a QUIT
	- Sending data via the control connection is more reliable, and
		won't kill the server when the connection is dropped unexpectedly
	- Forking doesn't look feasable right now, suggestions welcome...
	- Changed all events dispatched to the registered session, so they will have
		ftpd_ in front
	- added ftpd_write_log, see examples
	- Started a Curses::UI::POE client/server example, currently it doesn't have
		authentication or anything to connect to the server.
		I'm using this as a basis of what I should add to the component to function
		as a great ftpd :) Run then as many as you
		like. Theres chat too.
	- I started to add a virus checking routine, ignore it. its going to be a post
		processor.  Optional of course.

0.04 Mon Feb 16 16:19:48 2004
	- Fixed a nasty bug that involved the data session disconnecting early
	- Bandwidth limiting added (upload and download), you can choose by ip or by connection
	- Options added: LimitScheme (ip/per), DownloadLimit (bytes), UploadLimit (bytes)
	- Forking isn't working yet (Wheel::Run)
	- Logging has improved. Added an option (LogLevel) (1-4)
	- Added SIZE command
	- Added SITE CHMOD (some clients add SITE for some reason
	- Added a timeout (option TimeOut (seconds))

0.03 Thu Feb 5 23:32:45 2004
	- oops, fixed hardcoded ip for pasv

0.02 Thu Feb 5 22:15:16 2004
	- (PASV) Passive transfers work
	- Anonymous login allow/deny
	- (REST) resume added
	- Cleaned up the code ALOT
	- (ABOR) abort added
	- (XMKD XRMD XPWD XCUP XCWD) added these commands, but they might
		not be totally rfc compliant
	- Probably more...

0.01 Sat Dec 1 15:19:32 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs with options
		-XA -n POE::Component::Server::FTP