Changes for Perl extension POE-Declare

0.59 Fri 3 Feb 2012
	- Removed the use of the deprecated defined @array

0.58 Fri 10 Jun 2011
	- It is now legal to ->finish a session twice, as long as the session
	  still exists in POE terms. The second call will silently shortcut.

0.57 Thu 9 Jun 2011
	- Improved the error message from ->finish when the session does not
	  exist at the time that ->finish is called.

0.56 Tue 31 May 2011
	- Bumping POE and Test::POE::Stopping dependencies to get past the
	  POE::API::Peek explosion.

0.55 Fri 27 May 2011
	- Updating Module::Install::DSL to 1.01
	- Updating Test::POE::Stopping dependency to 1.08 to be able to deal
	  with the change to session internals in POE 1.310.
	- Test scripts compensate for a hardcoded assumption that the ID of the
	  first session is 2 in POE, it is now 1 (and the tests adapt)

0.54 Fri 15 Apr 2011
	- Add support for timeout variance both in declaration and overridden
	  timeout lengths.
	- Overriding timeout delays were being ignored (major bug fix)

0.53 Wed 9 Mar 2011
	- Fixed #51697: [Patch] POD nit (FWIE)
	- Upgrade Class::XSAccessor dependency to 1.10 to fix some crashes
	  that occur during END in certain circumstances. Use of POE::Wheel::Run
	  seems to be a particular culprit (maybe).

0.52 Mon 7 Mar 2011
	- Adding check for event declaration on finalised class
	- Adding check for use of an uncompiled class
	- Moved dependency version checks into module code
	- Removing apparently redundant IO::File dependency

0.51 Wed 23 Feb 2011
	- Renaming _compile to as_perl
	- Bumped the POE dependency again
	- Fixed a POD typo

0.50 Thu 21 Oct 2010
	- Major upgrade, not backward compatible in all cases.
	- Bumped the POE dependency as I am struggling to test against
	  older ones.
	- Timeout events are now implemented using POE named timers
	  rather than numbered timers. The implementation is much
	  closer to POE's prefered usage, and results in significantly
	  less code in 80% less code in generated timeout code.
	- Added the new method ->finish, which will clear all timers
	  and remove the session alias. It should be called when you
	  are ready for your session to be shut down.
	  The finish method MUST be called while in the session you
	  are calling it on. Removed the _finish event.
	- Removed the _alias_set and _alias_remove events. With the
	  introduction of the finish method, we fully control all
	  the places where the session alias needs to be created and
	  removed. Direct user access to this is now unneeded and
	  likely to be a source of bugs.
	- Any code previously using _alias_remove directly to do their
	  equivalent of what the finish method now does will break.

0.26 Mon 19 Jul 2010
	- Updating to Module::Install 1.00
	- Added _finish event which clears all timeouts and removes the
	  alias. Intended to be a common way to say "I'm done now".
	- Added alternate compile-time hash usage for declarations.
	- Corrected timeout_start bug where restarts were being done via
	  non-existant method timeout_clear.

0.25 Thu 27 May 2010
	- Updating to Module::Install 0.97
	- Updating Class::XSAccessor dependency to faster 1.05
	- Expanding documentation

0.24 Thu  8 Oct 2009
	- Moving child disconnection change to production version.
	- Bumping Test::POE::Stopping dependency to 1.05 for increased
	  rigour of stop validation.

0.23_01 Fri 11 Sep 2009
	- Experimental change, immediately disconnect every session from
	  their parent at _start time so that we never use POE's internal
	  child session reference tracking.

0.22 Wed 12 Aug 2009
	- Fixing some bugs in Message events, and improved tests for it.

0.21 Thu 19 Mar 2009
        - Improved checking of Message params
        - Adding an Alias format check

0.20 Tue 17 Mar 2009
	- Disable Test::NoWarnings when using Test::POE::Stopping.
	  It uses POE::Peek::API, which will throw a warnings when
	  loaded against a development version of POE.
	- Adding a specific META.yml dependency check.

0.19 Tue 17 Mar 2009
	- Allowing Message params to be optional

0.18 Fri 13 Mar 2009
	- Changing the Message implementation to be much simpler

0.17 Fri 13 Mar 2009
	- Adding POD documentation for _alias_remove
	- Moving the events into their own documentation section

0.16 Fri 13 Mar 2009
	- Adding missing Test::Exception dependency
	- Dropping the superfluous timeout_start method

0.15 Fri 13 Mar 2009
	- Moving package_states and params to private methods
	- Add strict checking of constructor params
	- POE::Declare::Object->meta is not code-generated per-class

0.14 Thu 12 Mar 2009
	- Adding the initial implementation of Timeout that actually works

0.13 Wed 11 Mar 2009
	- Adding a missing dependency on Test::NoWarnings

0.12 Tue 10 Mar 2009
	- Adding a missing dependency on Test::POE::Stopping

0.11 Mon  9 Mar 2009
	- Adding use warnings to all classes
	- Adding Test::NoWarnings to all tests
	- Fixing some bugs in _alias_remove

0.10 Mon  9 Mar 2009
	- Adding specific _alias_set and _alias_remove methods

0.09 Thu  5 Mar 2009
	- Converting all simple accessors to Class::XSAccessor
	- Switching to a better and faster error check in lookback

0.08 Thu  5 Mar 2009
	- Adding tests for half a dozen or so more methods
	- Fixed a bug in ->lookback

0.07 Thu  5 Mar 2009
	- compile is now prototyped ()
	- package_states caches now, making spawning faster

0.06 Wed  4 Mar 2009
	- use POE::Declare is now also an implicit use POE

0.05 Mon 23 Feb 2009
	- Completing most of the initial pass over the documentation
	- Switching to using Class::XSAccessor

0.04 skipped

0.03 Fri 20 Feb 2009
	- Upgrading to Module::Install 0.79
	- Correcting dependencies
	- Timeout events are modelled correctly now
	- No functional changes

0.02 Tue 12 Sep 2006
	- More thorough testing
	- Fixing various bugs
	- Added event auto-registration
	- Added a base meta-model for POE::Declare::Object, removing the special case

0.01 Thu  7 Sep 2006
	- original version