Revision history for PPIx::Grep.

0.0.6  2008-07-06

    Brown paper bag release.  No further comment.  :/

0.0.5  2008-07-06

    Make use of File::Next.

0.0.4  2008-05-08
    Added %W format escape.

    Reduce build dependency upon Test::Deep to 0.098 due to problems
    with 0.099 and 0.100 at work.

0.0.3  2008-04-12
    Allow specification of the output format via the --format option.

    Now uses PPIx::Shorthand for looking up PPI::Element classes,
    making usage a lot nicer.  You can now just say "include" instead
    of "Statement::Include".

    Also, the first argument is now a comma-delimited list of
    classes, not merely a single class.

    Allow requiring PPI::Elements' contents to match as regex via
    the --match option.

0.0.2  2007-11-02
    Get more specific about Readonly version requirement.

0.0.1  2007-11-01
    Initial quick-and-dirty release.